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As you would be developing an understanding of the cloud’s significance, you are also required to be aware of the demand for cloud computing skills. According to Wanted Analytics, there would be just about 18 million cloud computing jobs across the globe. The financial consequences of the major cloud providers for the fourth quarter of 2016 have revealed a considerable growth of these businesses with 93% and 47% revenue growth for Microsoft and Amazon Web Services, respectively.

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What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Amazon Web Services, or popularly known as AWS, is considered to be the most comprehensive as well as secure cloud services platform that would be offered by Amazon. The Amazon cloud or AWS Cloud would be offering a wide range of infrastructure services, such as storage options, computing power, NetworkingNetworking, and databases for the businesses, which would be helping them scale and grow. Amazon delivers its services on-demand with its pricing policy pay-as-you-go pricing policy.

So, What are the precondition to learn Cloud Computing?

So if you wish to obtain success in your desired certification of taking the cloud computing course, you would be wondering what prerequisites one needs. This is considered the question that bothers most IT professionals who wish to delve into the world of the cloud. There would also be several mythologies surrounding the requirements for becoming a cloud computing professional.

The term Cloud Computing is believed to be an umbrella term, and it would be encompassing lots of diverse concepts of Information Technology. It would dwell around IT areas involving software infrastructures, virtualization technologies, hardware infrastructures, data center facilities, and software engineering concepts. Before we get into the prerequisite, you must obtain the our AWS Exam Dumps if you wish to clear this certification in one go.


Prerequisite of Learning Cloud Computing:

Knowledge of Operating Systems

As Amazon cloud is considered a broad area, it would be essential for the candidates to acquire the basic concepts relevant to Operating Systems, such as Windows, Linux, etc. Learning to utilize the Linux operating system is believed to be the most essential as most organizations that work with web applications and scalable environments utilize Linux as their preferred Operating System. Linux is also the leading choice for using an IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) platform, i.e., the AWS platform. The best way to learn Linux would be to utilize it and go through the documentation and introductory courses online.

Knowledge of Virtualization

Once you have acquired a working knowledge of operating systems, the next thing for learning is Virtualization Technology. Virtualization plays a vital role in this. Virtualization is considered a technique for the house and runs multiple operating systems (virtual machines) within a single physical machine. Each virtual machine will have its specific CPU, RAM, and disk space capacities and runs its operating system. Virtual machines would be sharing the same hardware as well as the same network equipment. They would be just virtually separated from one another.

Knowledge of Networking

You would also require knowledge regarding the NetworkingNetworking. It is an essential element of the Amazon cloud as all operations in a cloud platform involving NetworkingNetworking. First, to begin with, you must at least understand how IP addresses would be working and comprehend what public and private networks are. Each cloud instance requires to be connected to the Internet.

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