If you would be going for Cisco’s Cisco Certified Network Associate, otherwise known as the CCNA exam is on your radar, you already know that you would require to put in a lot of studies and combine that with practice time on Cisco routing and switching equipment.

The result is considered to be often an exam that doesn’t do either that well. With that entire in mind, for those who would be planning on pursuing this certification, here are top tips for appearing for and passing Cisco’s CCNA certification exam.

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  Know your troubleshooting

Any simulation questions on the exam would either be troubleshooting or configuration in nature. Of the two, troubleshooting is considered to be more challenging, by far. Expect to see questions that would have multiple routers with some routing matter. Ensure you aren’t only comfortable with scenarios such as these, but that you could also solve them quickly.

  Don’t be rattled by questions you don’t know

When I sat for the exam, I have given several questions that were not on the exam objectives or in any study guide. They could have been tester questions that aren’t counted toward the score, but regardless, getting hit with a few of these “I have no idea what the answer is going to be” questions could rattle anyone. Never let it get to you, and just press on.

  One word can make a difference

You will often be in a situation where you would feel like you require picking the “best correct answer.” Questions such as these usually come down to one word in one of the answers. Changing or removing one word changes the entire meaning as well as therefore changes the answer.

Ensure that you read and re-read the question and each response carefully, as well as consider the purpose and intention of each. There are going to be no words in the answers that are thereby misfortune. Think through the implications of the complete solution.

  Know it well enough to teach it


You should know the exam material so well that you would explain it to someone else whenever you are asked for it. When you could teach the material, then it means that you have acquired all the knowledge about it.

Teaching is considered one of the best ways to learn topics and is believed to be an excellent way to verify your understanding. Try it out and see for yourself if you could explain essential concepts to someone you know. This would be able to help you out in verifying that you know the material.

  Learn what the commands are doing instead of memorizing your commands

For newbies just beginning on Cisco equipment, a common habit would be to memorize the IOS commands in a particular order. This is considered different from knowing why we are utilizing those commands and what the authorities would perform in the background.

Push yourself to learn about the why and what instead of the how. This would make you better prepared if you had understood the processes behind the commands.

So, these were the tips to excel in your CCNA Exam and achieve good results in the very first attempt. Along with these tips, you must also acquire the our CCNA Exam Dumps.

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