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1. An organization has performance metrics to track how well IT resources are being used, but there has been little progress in meeting its goals. Which of the following would be MOST helpful to determine the underlying reason?

A. Conducting a business impact analysis (BIA)

B. Re-evaluating organizational goals

C. Conducting a root cause analysis

D. Re-evaluating key performance indicators (KPIs)

Answer: C

2. An organization uses electronic funds transfer (EFT) to pay its vendors. Which of the following should be an IS auditor’s MAIN focus while reviewing controls in the accounts payable application?

A. Amount of disbursements

B. Changes to the vendor master file

C. Volume of transactions

D. Frequency of transactions

Answer: B

3. An IS audit had identified that default passwords for a newly implemented application were not changed. During the follow-up audit, which would provide the BEST evidence that the finding was effectively addressed?

A. Written confirmation from management that the passwords were changed

B. Screenshots of system parameters requiring password changes on next login

C. Application log files that record the password changes

D. System-generated emails requiring application users to change passwords

Answer: C

4. Which of the following would be considered a corrective control when designing the security of a data center?

A. Perimeter fence

B. Closed-circuit television (CCTV)

C. Fire extinguisher

D. Security guards

Answer: C

5. A CIO has asked an IS auditor to implement several security controls for an organization’s IT processes and systems. The auditor should:

A. perform the assignment and future audits with due professional care.

B. obtain approval from executive management for the implementation

C. communicate the conflict of interest to audit management

D. refuse due to independence issues


Answer: C

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6. Adopting a service-oriented architecture would MOST likely:

A. compromise application software security 

B. facilitates connectivity between partners, 

C. inhibits integration with legacy systems. 

D. Streamline all internal processes. 

Answer: B

7. An organization’s current end-user computing practices include the use of a spreadsheet for financial statements. Which of the following is the GREATEST concern?

A. Formulas are not protected against unintended changes.

B. The spreadsheet contains numerous macros.

C. Operational procedures have not been reviewed in the current fiscal year.

D. The spreadsheet is not maintained by IT.

Answer: A

8. A start-up company acquiring servers for its order taking system is unable to predict the volume of transactions. Which of the following is most significant for the company to consider? 

A. Optimization 

B. Scalability 

C. Compatibility 

D. Configuration 

Answer: B

9. A company has located its computer center on a moderate earthquake fault. Which of the following are the MOST critical consideration in establishing a contingency plan and an alternate processing site?

A. The alternative site does not reside on the same fault, no matter how far the distance apart.

B. The contingency plan for high priority applications does not involve a shared cold area.

C. The contingency plan provides for backup tapes to be taken to the alternative site.

D. The alternative site is a hot site with equipment ready to resume processing immediately.

Answer: A

10. To ensure the efficient and economical use of limited resources in supporting a local area network (LAN) infrastructure, it is advisable to

A. Quickly upgrade to the latest hardware and software versions to take advantage of new features.

B. Recommend a variety of products so that user effectiveness and feasibility can be maximized.

C. Standardize on a limited number of device models, and software applications

D. Periodically rotates vendors to obtain the best price to performance ratio.

Answer: C

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