CompTIA Security+ is a vendor-neutral IT industry security certification. It is an entry-level certificate for IT security topics, and it is recommended that it be the first security-oriented certificate that IT professionals should learn.

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1.A security administrator needs to conduct a full inventory of all encryption protocols and cipher suites. Which of the following tools will the security administrator use to conduct this inventory MOST efficiently?

    tcpdumpProtocol analyzerNetstatNmap

Answer: B


Encryption can be checked only with a protocol analyzer.

2.A company is experiencing an increasing number of systems that are locking up on Windows startup. The security analyst clones a machine, enters into safe mode and discovers a file in the startup process that runs Wstart.bat.

Given the file contents and the system’s issues, which of the following types of malware are present?

    RootkitLogic bombWormVirus

Answer: D. 


It looks like a virus. It starts programs to include itself in the runtime.

3.A company has purchased a new SaaS application and is configuring it to meet the company’s needs. The director of security has requested that the SaaS application be integrated into the company’s IAM processes. Which of the following configurations should the security administrator set up to complete this request?


Answer: C. 



SAML is the best solution to make safe SaaS federation

4.In highly secure environments where the risk of malicious actors attempting to steal data is high, the following is the BEST reason to deploy Faraday cages?

    To provide emanation control to prevent credential harvestingTo minimize signal attenuation over distances to maximize signal strengthTo minimize external RF interference with embedded processorsTo protect the integrity of audit logs from malicious alteration

Answer: C.


Faraday cages help to prevent electromagnetic interferences

5.A threat actor motivated by political goals that are active for a short period but has virtually unlimited resources is BEST categorized as a

    hacktivist.nation-statescript kiddieАРТ

Answer: A


Threat actors motivated by political goals are Hacktivists.

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