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Q1. There are individual sites specified to be blacklisted in Cisco Umbrella?
A. security settings
B. destination lists
C. application settings
D. content categories

Q2. What is the primary difference between an Endpoint Protection Platform and an Endpoint Detection and Response?
A. EPP focuses on network security, and EDR focuses on on-device security.
B. EDR focuses on prevention, and EPP focuses on advanced threats that evade perimeter defenses.
C. EPP focuses on prevention, and EDR focuses on advanced threats that evade perimeter defenses
D. EDR focuses on network security, and EPP focuses on on-device security.

Q3. What can be integrated with the Cisco Threat Intelligence Director to provide information about security threats, which allows the SOC to proactively automate responses to those threats?
A. Cisco Threat Grid
B. Cisco Stealthwatch
C. Cisco Umbrella
D. External Threat Feeds

Q4. Which feature within Cisco Umbrella allows for the ability to inspect secure HTTP traffic?
A. SSL Decryption
B. SafeSearch
C. Destination Lists
D. File Analysis

Q5. Which two application layer preprocessors are used by Firepower Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System? (Choose two.)
A. packet decoder
C. inline normalization
E. Modbus

Q6. An engineer configured a new network identity in Cisco Umbrella but must verify that traffic is being routed through the Cisco Umbrella network. Which action tests the routing?
A. Enable the Intelligent Proxy to validate that traffic is being routed correctly.
B. Ensure that the client computers are pointing to the on-premises DNS servers.
C. Add the public IP address that the client computers are behind to a Core identity.
D. Browse to http://welcome.umbrella.com/ to validate that the new identity is working.


Q7. An engineer is configuring a Cisco ESA and wants to control whether to accept or reject email messages to a recipient address. Which list contains the allowed recipient addresses?

Q8. Which Cisco product provides proactive endpoint protection and allows administrators to centrally manage the deployment?

Q9. Which two mechanisms are used to control phishing attacks? (Choose two.)
A. Use antispyware software.
B. Define security group memberships.
C. Revoke expired CRL of the websites.
D. Enable browser alerts for fraudulent websites.
E. Implement email filtering techniques.

Q10. The main function of northbound APIs in the SDN architecture is to enable communication between which two areas of a network?
A. management console and the SDN controller
B. SDN controller and the cloud
C. SDN controller and the management solution
D. management console and the cloud

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