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1. Which recommendation is the best practice for marking video and voice media in a Cisco Unified Communications network?

A. Voice Cos 6 (IP Precedence 4, PHB AF41, or DSCP 24)

 Video Cos 5 (IP Precedence 4, PHB EF, or DSCP 34)

 B. Voice Cos 5 (IP Precedence 5, PHB EF, or DSCP 46)

 Video Cos 4 (IP Precedence 4, PHB AF41, or DSCP 34)

 C. Voice Cos 5 (IP Precedence 2, PHB FE, or DSCP 48)

 Video Cos 4 (IP Precedence 4, PHB AF41, or DSCP 46)

 D. Voice Cos 5 (IP Precedence 6, PHB AF41, or DSCP 16)

 Video Cos 4 (IP Precedence 5, PHB EF, or DSCP 32) 

Correct Answer: B

 2. An engineer encounters third-party devices that do not support Cisco Discovery Protocol. What must be configured on the network to allow device discovery?





 Correct Answer: C

3. An engineer wants to manually deploy a Cisco Webex DX80 video endpoint to an end-user. Which type of provisioning can be configured on the endpoint?


B. Edge



Correct Answer: B

4. When is a remote office location set up with limited bandwidth resources, which codec carries the most voice calls?

 A. G.722

 B. G.711

 C. G.723

 D. G.729

 Correct Answer: D

 5. An engineer configures Cisco Unified Communications Manager to prevent toll fraud. At which two points does the engineering block the patten in Cisco Unified CM to complete this task? (Choose two.)

 A. route pattern

 B. translation pattern

 C. route group

 D. partition


 Correct Answer: DE

 6. A user forwards a corporate number to an international number. What are the two methods to prevent this forwarded call? (Choose two.)

 A. Check Route Next Hop By Calling Party Number on the international route pattern.

 B. Block global dial patterns in the SIP trunk CSS.

 C. Configure a Forced Authorization Code on the international route pattern.

 D. Set the Call Classification to OnNet for the global route pattern.

 E. Set Call Forward All CSS to restrict international dial patterns.

 Correct Answer: CE


 7. Which command is used in a Cisco IOS XE TDM gateway to configure the voice T1/E1 controller to provide clocking?

 A. clock source network

 B. clock source line

 C. clock source internal

 D. Cisco IOS XE TDM gateway T1/E1 controller cannot provide clocking.

 Correct Answer: A

 8. How can an engineer determine location-based CAC bandwidth requirements for Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

 A. Execute the Resource Reservation Protocol to return location-based conditions.

 B. Calculate the number of calls against the license for Cisco Unified Border Element to determine calls per location

 C. Set the requirements in the service parameters.

 D. Add the requirements for each audio, and video codec and how many calls must be supported.

 Correct Answer: D

9. Which two functions are provided by the Cisco Expressway Series? (Choose two.)

A. endpoint registration

 B. interworking of SIP and H323

 C. voice and video conferencing

 D. intercluster extension mobility

 E. voice and video transcoding

 Correct Answer: AB

10. Which configuration step is necessary for a Cisco SIP phone to synchronize its time with a specific source?

 A. Change the Time Zone from “America/Los Angeles” to “Etc/GMT+8”.

 B. Add a Phone NTP Reference to the Date/Time Group.

 C. Assign the device to the correct region.

 D. Change the Time Format from 24-hour to 12-hour.

 Correct Answer: B

 11. Why would we not include an end user’s PC device in a QoS trust boundary?

 A. The end-user could incorrectly tag their traffic to bypass firewalls.

 B. There is no reason not to include an end user’s PC device in a QoS trust boundary.

 C. The end-user may incorrectly tag their traffic to be prioritized over other network traffic.

 D. The end-user could inaccurately tag their traffic to advertise their PC as a default gateway.

 Correct Answer: C

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