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Here are some of the Demo questions:

PMP Questions #1
During the quality testing of the latest software integration project, the results demonstrate the performance variance from the Quality management plan. Thus, the project manager would have asked the quality team to investigate the root cause of the variance and resolve it to get back on track. What type of action did the project manager create the project manager’s request?

a. Corrective action
b. Preventive action
c. Defect repair
d. All of the above
Answer: a

PMP Questions #2
During the project kick-off meeting, two project team members would have disagreed whether to involve a specific test within testing scenarios for the new product or not. As the project manager for this new project, you are required to_____

a. Add the suggested scenario
b. Reject adding the new test
c. Postpone the discussion for a later time.
d. Ask each one of them for explaining the logic behind his opinion
Answer: c

PMP Questions #3
You would be assigned to the latest project where you would be expecting to have a high volume of duties, as the project sponsor accepted one project management resource, “Project Coordinator,” to be added to your project team. To lower your workload, which of the following tasks would you be assigned to him?

a. Engage different teams as well as align their work together
b. Oversee other workstreams as well as realign any off-track workstream
c. Oversee project risk management activities
d. Developing and maintaining business documents
Answer: c


PMP Questions #4
Company ABC decided about terminating your eight-month project during the 3rd month because of budget cuts; as the project manager for this project, what are you supposed to do next?

a. Try to convince the management to reconsider their decision
b. Ask the management to consider the project successfully according to the current rate of performance
c. Do nothing as the management decision would be final
d. Transfer the unfinished and finished deliverables for concerned parties
Answer: d

PMP Questions #5

Project X is considered to be a new product development project that would be running for almost six months. Since you will be assigned to the project as a replacement for the former project manager, you would have heard from the project team that would be despite the vigorous change control process in place. The project would be facing so many changes in the previously approved scope as well as requirements keeps changing, you are supposed to_____

a. Consider changing approach of development
b. Reject all upcoming changes
c. Revisit change management process
d. Educate the team that all changes should be welcome as long as they’re funded
Answer: a

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