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NO.1 The project team learns from a critical stakeholder that some deliverables have been forwarded for approval without their knowledge. What should the project manager have done to prevent this situation?

A. Scheduled a meeting with the customer and the project team.

B. Consulted the most recent meeting minutes related to the deliverable.

C. Notified the project team.

D. Verified the communications management plan.

Answer: D

NO.2 A project manager has just been informed that a key stakeholder communicated in writing to the vendor about an unauthorized acceptance of an intermediate project deliverable. This deliverable has not yet been thoroughly tested and accepted. What should the project manager do?

A. Meet with the functional leader and confirm project acceptance

B. Facilitate a meeting between the sponsor and the functional leader to discuss

C. Work with the team to expedite testing and acceptance of the deliverable.

D. Meet with the stakeholder to reinforce the agreed roles and responsibility matrix.

Answer: C

NO.3 A project team delivers a system in its pilot phase, and the customer identities an issue that affects the end-users. After the project team works on the issue tor a week, the customer informs the project manager’s supervisor that the issue is not being addressed and requests immediate action.

What should the project manager do next?

A. Review the Perform Integrated Change Control process and take appropriate action

B. view the project register and take appropriate action.

C. Review the communications management plan and take appropriate action.

D. Review the quality management plan and take appropriate action.

Answer: C


NO.4 You are a project manager working on a software development project. Your Senior Manager has asked you to begin identifying risks and to use any information-gathering technique. Which one of the following risk identification approaches is a data analysis technique?

A. Root cause analysis

B. Checklists Checklists

C. Interviews

D. Brainstorming

Answer: A

NO.5 A project manager has identified project stakeholders and assessed their power and influence. These stakeholders are all busy with other high-priority projects. The project manager wants to ensure that identified high-power and high-influence stakeholders have the information required to support effective decision making.

What should be maintained to keep these stakeholders current on progress and issues?

A. Risk register and issue log

B. Communications management plan and project charter

 C. Issue log change requests and project management plan updates

 D. Project management plan updates, project document updates, and risk register

 Answer: D

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NO.6 The project manager has calculated the schedule performance index (SPI) as one and cost performance index (CPI) as 1.2.

 What is the status of the project?

 A. The project is on budget

 B. The project is on schedule.

 C. The project is ahead of schedule.

 D. The project is over budget.

 Answer: B

NO.7 A project manager joins a similar project similar to one that was completed in a different country. The project sponsor clarifies that project delivery is expected to run as smoothly as it did in the previous project. The project manager has global work experience and knowing the success factors countries, realized that completing one particular factor of this new project may be critical.

 What should the project manager do?

 A. Perform a risk analysis

 B. Reopen the dialogue with the project sponsor.

 C. Document all high-level risks, assumptions, and constraints

 D. Create a risk management strategy with all relevant stakeholders.

 Answer: C

 NO.8 A probability and impact matrix is useful for:

 A. Risk Perform Quantitative Analysis

 B. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis

 C. Identify Risks

 D. Control Risks.

 Answer: B

NO.9 A project is ready to complete the planning process, and all planning documents have been reviewed and approved by stakeholders. What should the project manager do next?

 A. Determine the budget.

 B. Conduct a kick-off meeting.

 C. Create the schedule baseline.

 D. Acquire resources.

 Answer: B

NO.10 Some members of project teamwork from home. During a weekly video-conference. Much time is lost due to disconnected or dropped participants, background noise, strong interference, or multiple people speaking simultaneously. People are becoming annoyed and ask not to participate.

What should the project manager do?

 A. Request that all the team members meet physically for the weekly meeting.

 B. Change the frequency of the weekly meetings to monthly.

 C. Hold individual meetings with team members and consolidate the information in meeting minutes for distribution.

 D. Define and train the team on a set of minimum requirements, rules for home and remote offices,

 and meeting etiquette.

 Answer: C

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