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1. During a review of the organization’s active projects in March 2018, it was found that project B may have challenges that were unidentified in project A. PM-B wants to know what went well so far in project A so that they may take preventive and corrective actions in project B.
What should PM-B request from PM-A to obtain access to this information?

A. Work performance reports
B. Lessons learned repository
C. Issue log
D. Activity list
Answer: B

2. While reviewing the statement of work (SOW), two stakeholders disagree on what the project should include. What should the project manager do?

A. Include the stakeholders’ comments for future reference in the project charter.
B. Meet with the two stakeholders to resolve the conflict and reach an agreement.
C. Document the stakeholders’ opinions but include the remaining stakeholders’ input in final decision making.
D. Document the conflict in the issue log before participating in the development of the project charter.
Answer: B

3. A project team received the scope for a new large production facility and prepared a cost estimate to build it. Management rejected the initial assessment as it exceeded the budget. A second cost estimate was developed using a different method. However, the cost was still high Management again rejected the forecast, but wanted the project to proceed without increasing the funding.
What should the project manager do?

A. Inform Management of the risk associated with proceeding with insufficient funding, and suggest using expert judgment.
B. Provide Management with an estimate that is within their budget, then proceed with the project.
C. Split the scope to do the project in two phases and ask for additional budget during the second phase.
D. Reduce the suggested range so that the project can be performed within the approved budget.
Answer: D

4. A project manager is running a project to manage the election campaign for a mayoral candidate. The project manager finds it challenging to align team members of different genders.
What can the project manager use to facilitate this issue?

A. Expert judgment
B. Disciplinary action
C. Enterprise environmental factors
D. Organizational process assets
Answer: D


5. During the testing phase, the project manager of a system development project learns that a critical requirement was missed. The project manager works with the developers to determine how to build this requirement into the system at this late stage, but there appear to be no viable options
What should the project manager do?

A. Ask stakeholders to remove the essential requirement from the scope.
B. Meet with the developers to brainstorm and evaluate options for the next steps to avoid further delays.
C. Hold a project status meeting with key stakeholders to raise critical issues.
D. Submit a change request for additional funds and a schedule extension.
Answer: B

6. A design team discovers that the work breakdown structure (WBS) created by the project manager is missing essential tasks. What should the project manager have done to avoid this?

A. Sought expert judgment from subject matter experts (SMEs)
B. Developed an Ishikawa diagram
C. Reviewed historical information from previous projects
D. Created a requirements traceability matrix
Answer: D

7. While reviewing project documents, a newly assigned project manager discovers that the project management plan is not yet complete. What material should the project manager review to understand the project’s high-level requirements?

A. Product definition
B. Project charter
C. Project scope statement
D. Historical information
Answer: B

8. The CEO era company names a project manager that a bill from a vendor working on the project amounts to US$50,000 each month. The CEO questions whether the vendor meets the deliverables to determine if the contract should be terminated early.
What should be provided to the CEO?

A. Performance specifications
B. Seiler performance evaluation
C. Contract administration plan
D. Procurement management plan
Answer: B

9. A stakeholder identifies an issue with which the project manager disagrees. Both agree that this requires escalation.
Where would the project manager find the information required to escalate the issue?

A. Issue log
B. Communications management plan
C. Stakeholder engagement plan
D. Organizational process assets
Answer: B

10. A key stakeholder is concerned about a critical risk that may cause the project to run over budget. The project manager wants to share the mitigation plan with the stakeholder
What should the project manager do first?

A. Check the organizational chart to determine the stakeholder’s department
B. Review the risk register to identify the mitigation plan.
C. Identify which deliverable in the work breakdown structure (WBS) will be affected by the risk.
D. Consult the communications management plan to identify how to inform the stakeholder.
Answer: D

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