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Question #1

Which component is similar to an EVPN instance?

A. router distinguisher

B. MPLS label

C. IGP router ID


Correct Answer: D

Question #2

Why do Cisco MPLS TE tunnels require a link-state routing protocol?

A. The link-state database provides segmentation by area, which improves the path-selection process.

B. The link-state database contains a data repository from which the tunnel endpoints can dynamically select a source ID.

C. Link-state routing protocols use SPF calculations that the tunnel endpoints leverage to implement the tunnel.

D. The tunnel endpoints use the link-state database to evaluate the entire topology and determine the best path.

Correct Answer: D

Question #3

You are configuring MPLS traffic-engineering tunnels in the core. Which two ways exist for the tunnel path across the core? (Choose two.)

A. The dynamic path option is supported only with IS-IS.

B. Tunnels can be configured with a progressive path or explicitly defined path.

C. A zero bandwidth tunnel is not a valid option.

D. The bandwidth statement creates a “hard” reservation on the link.

E. Tunnel links inherit IGP metrics by default unless overridden.

Correct Answer: BE

Question #4

Which configuration mode do you use to apply the Mpls LDP graceful-restart command in IOS XE Software?

A. MPLS LDP neighbor

B. interface


D. global

Correct Answer: D

Question #5

After analyzing your network environment, you decide to implement a full separation model for Internet access and MPLS L3VPN services.

For which reason do you make this decision?

A. It enables EGP and IGP to operate independently.

B. It allows you to choose whether to separate or centralize each service.

C. It is easier to manage a system in which services are mixed.

D. It requires only one edge router.

Correct Answer: A


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Question #6

Which statement about the Cisco MPLS TE forwarding adjacency feature is true?

A. It enables the MPLS core to use EIGRP as the routing protocol.

B. It allows the Cisco MPLS TE tunnel to be advertised into the running IGP.

C. It enables the tail-end router to advertise routes to the headend router over the tunnel.

D. It allows the headend and tailend routers to establish a bidirectional tunnel.

Correct Answer: B

Question #7

While implementing TTL security, you issue the PE(config-router-af)#neighbor TTL-security hops 2 commands.

After you issue this command, which BGP packets does the PE accept?

A. to, with a TTL of 2 or more

B. from, with a TTL of less than 2

C. to, with a TTL of less than 253

D. from, with a TTL of 253 or more

Correct Answer: D

Question #8

Which additional feature does MPLS DiffServ tunneling support?

A. matching EXP and DSCP values

B. PHB layer management

C. using GRE tunnels to hide markings

D. interaction between MPLS and IGP

Correct Answer: B

Question #9

You are creating new Cisco MPLS TE tunnels. Which type of RSVP message does the head-end router send to reserve bandwidth on the tailend router’s path?

A. path

B. tear

C. error

D. reservation

Correct Answer: A

Question #10

Which statement describes the advantage of a Multi-Layer control plane?

A. It provides multivendor configuration capabilities for Layer 3 to Layer 1.

B. It automatically provisions, monitors, and manages traffic across Layer 0 to Layer 3.

C. It supports dynamic wavelength restoration in Layer 0.

D. It minimizes human error configuring converged networks.

Correct Answer: A

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