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1. Before final acceptance of residual risk, what is the BEST way for an information security manager to addresses factors determined to be lower than acceptable risk levels?

A. Evaluate whether an excessive level of control is being applied.
B. Implement more stringent countermeasures.
C. Ask senior management to increase the acceptable risk levels.
D. Ask senior management to lower the acceptable risk levels.

2. Which of the following would be most useful in ensuring that information security is appropriately
addressed in new systems?

A. Information security staff take responsibility for the design of system security.
B. Internal audit signs off on security before implementation.
C. Information security staff perform compliance reviews before production begins.
D. Business requirements must include security objectives.

3. Risk identification, analysis, and mitigation activities can BEST be integrated into the business life cycle processes by linking them to:

A. compliance testing
B. continuity planning
C. configuration management
D. change management

4. An organization is in the process of adopting a hybrid data infrastructure, transferring all non-core applications to cloud service providers and maintaining all core business functions in-house. The information security manager has determined a defense in depth strategy should be used. Which of the following BEST describes this strategy?

A. Deployment of nested firewalls within the infrastructure.
B. Strict enforcement of role-based access control (RBAC).
C. Multi-factor login requirements for cloud service applications, timeouts, and complex passwords.
D. Separate security control for applications platform. Programs and endpoints.


5. The MAIN reason for internal certification of web-based business applications is to ensure

A. Up-to-date web technology is being used
B. Compliance with organizational policies
C. compliance with industry standards
D. changes to the organizational policy framework are identified

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6. Which is the MOST essential to enable a timely response to a se

A. Security event logging
B. Forensic analysis
C. Knowledge sharing and collaboration
D. Roles and responsibilities

7. Which of the following would provide the BEST justification for a new information security investment?

A. Results of a comprehensive threat analysis
B. The projected reduction in risk
C. Defined key performance indicators (KPIs)
D. Senior management involvement in project prioritization

8. Which of the following is the most significant consideration when establishing an information security governance framework?

A. Business unit management acceptance is obtained
B. Members of the security steering committee are trained in information security
C. Security steering committee meetings are held at least monthly
D. Executive management support is obtained

9. Business units within an organization are resistant to proposed changes to the information security program. Which of the following is the BEST way to address this issue?

A. Implementing additional security awareness training
B. Including business unit representation on the security steering committee
C. Publishing updated information security policies
D. Communicating critical risk assessment results to business unit managers

10. After undertaking a security assessment of a production system, the information security manager is MOST likely to:

A. inform the development team of any residual risks and together formulate risk reduction measures
B. notify the IT manager of the residual risks and propose actions to reduce them
C. establish an overall security program that minimizes the residual risks of that production system
D. tell the system owner of any residual risks and propose actions to reduce them

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