The full name of CDPSE is Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer. It is the first experience-based technical certification of its kind. It aims to assess the ability of technical professionals to achieve privacy through design, so that organizations can enhance privacy technology platforms and products, thereby helping Consumers bring benefits, build trust, and promote data privacy.

1. What is the difference between CDPSE certificate?

Most of the existing privacy protection related certificates and trainings are aimed at legal workers and privacy protection policy makers in enterprises, and the vast IT companies responsible for the implementation and implementation of privacy policies The personnel lack the corresponding training or certification. ISACA’s newly launched Certified Data Privacy Protection Engineer Certificate (CDPSE) not only focuses on privacy governance, but also focuses on privacy technology control and how to design and embed it in the enterprise architecture. This certificate can build a bridge between the legal and technical departments.

2. Why do professionals want to apply for a CDPSE certificate?

Privacy protection is an emerging field that is receiving more and more attention. According to the latest ISACA survey, more than a quarter of organizations indicated that they could not fully understand privacy requirements, and 40% of organizations indicated that they lack a team with sufficient capabilities to implement an effective privacy protection plan, because it is not only necessary to understand the compliance requirements during the implementation process, but also More technical support is needed. CDPSE is a professional certificate created by privacy protection IT technicians for privacy protection IT technicians. More professionals hope to obtain the CDPSE qualification certificate as soon as possible.

3. What is the value of the PDCSE certificate?

Having a CDPSE certificate shows that you have the technology and ability to establish and implement a complex privacy protection program, cross the barriers between technology and legal affairs in the field of privacy compliance, and are within the scope of the organization Assist in reaching a consensus on best practices for privacy protection, ensuring the integration of IT privacy protection programs and reducing risks.

4. PDCSE certificate applicants

  • In IT, operations, information security, system and application development, enterprise architecture and project management departments Professionals responsible for implementing front-line defenses;
  • Professionals responsible for assessing and ensuring legal affairs and compliance, professionals responsible for the development, implementation, and operation of privacy protection policies and procedures, as well as those working with information technology and Personnel dealing with the data governance process;
  • Professionals who are responsible for evaluating privacy protection practices and compliance, and dealing with audit and risk management processes;

5, Why do companies require employees to obtain CDPSE certificates?

  • ISACA’s CDPSE certificate can endorse your team’s ability to establish and implement a privacy protection program that meets the needs and goals of the enterprise;
  • It can Provide companies with an effective and reliable means to identify whether their technical personnel are capable of embedding privacy protection solutions into technology platforms, products, processes, and communicating with legal personnel, and enable companies to improve compliance effectiveness and reduce compliance costs;
  • CDPSE proves that your team has the technical ability and knowledge to evaluate, establish and implement complex privacy protection programs, and ultimately improve your corporate image;

6. What is the early adoption plan?

This is a limited time opportunity. Before March 31, 2021, candidates can prove that they have the necessary experience in the field of data privacy protection and can apply without taking the exam Certification. After the early application period, candidates will be required to take and pass the CDPSE certification exam, which, like the ISACA core four certifications, has strict requirements to obtain certification.

7. Requirements for individuals to apply for CDPSE

In the early application stage, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • In the past ten years of work experience, at least five years of relevant work experience. The so-called relevant work experience refers to work in at least two of the three major work practice areas of CDPSE;
  • Submit a complete work experience certificate as required;
  • Sign and confirm the relevant agreement;
  • Submit complete application documents online:

*Work experience exemption:< /b>CISA, CISM, CGEIT, CRISC, CSX-P, FIP certificate holders can deduct 2 years of relevant work experience.

8. Application fee for CDPSE

  • ISACA member price is US$695: the official price is 4,932 yuan, and the discounted price of Safeniu Mall is RMB 4,900 (provided 6% special value-added tax invoice)
  • ISACA non-member price 880 US dollars: official price: 6248 yuan

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