The CompTia Security+ certification is a neutral third-party certification and one of the world’s most well-known information security certifications. Its examination agency is the American Computer Industry Association CompTIA. Security+ is one of the top 10 international IT industry certifications that are jointly included with CISSP and CISA. It is an international information security certification designated by the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Department of State and more than 10 national governments and authoritative organizations. It has obtained Apple, Recognized by many companies such as Dell, HP, IBM, Intel, etc., as an international certification, it is widely recognized in 147 countries and regions around the world, and is widely adopted by global companies and security professionals.

Features of Security+ Certification

Feature 1 Emphasis on information security technology. Previously, among all information security certifications, the certification that emphasized information security technology was blank, and the Security+ certification can just fill the gap in the field of information security technology. Security+ emphasizes information security technology, so there is no special requirement for work experience. As long as you have an IT-related background and pursue progress, you can study and take exams.

Feature 2 Broad career prospects. The US Department of Defense attaches great importance to Security + certification, so it is included in the 8570.01-M directive. Major companies have gradually begun to attach great importance to Security + certification, and gradually began to cultivate Security + talents. Career development is moving in the direction of network security, which is conducive to career transformation in the future, or to increase the gold content of one's own technology. Enjoy rich rewards with Security+ certified knowledge and skills.

Feature 3 The exam is convenient and the cost is moderate. As the most influential global leading organization in the global ICT field, CompTIA is professional, fair and just in terms of information security talent certification. Security+ is currently an English exam. There are test centers in cities across the country, and the test fee is relatively low.

Course objectives:

● Be able to master knowledge and skills in general security concepts, communication security, infrastructure security, password system operation security, and operation/organization security;

● Passed CompTIA Security+ certification.

Suitable for the crowd:

● Familiar with and understand common operating systems, network infrastructure, network infrastructure, basic communications and their characteristics. Possess certain system and network implementation capabilities.

● Technical personnel who are currently engaged in information security work.

● Currently engaged in the maintenance of PC and network technology, but hope to further study information security technology.

● To undertake information security projects, it is necessary to provide recognized professional qualifications.

Professionals who have obtained CompTIA Security+ certification are qualified for the following occupations:

● Security Architect

● Security Engineer

● Security Consultant< /p>

● Security or System Administrator

● Information Assurance Technician

Course Content:

01 Threats, Attacks and Vulnerabilities

02 Security Technology and Tools

03 Security Architecture and Design

04 Identity and Access Management

05 Risk Management

06 Cryptography

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