Project Management Professional otherwise known as PMP is a certification administered by Project Management Institute, U.S.A. It is a project management course which would be recognized all over the world. PMBOK-fifth edition would be the latest version for this exam. The certification is going to be valid for three years. Before we get to the PMP Online Training, let’s briefly overview the Exam Structure and responsibilities of PMP.

PMP Exam Structure

• To clear the exam, you would require to pass a multiple-choice examination
• You would then need to answer 200 questions in 4 hours for the domain stated below
• The exam would be available in 13 different languages across the globe.

It would be assessing the candidate management knowledge in the below mentioned five domains. The weightage of questions for each part would be including.

There would be other various courses available regarding the project management on PMI such as PfMP, PgMP, CAPM, etc.

The code of conducts and ethic would be defining:
• Responsibility to the profession
• Responsibility to customers and the public

Code of Ethics as well as professional conduct which would be including:

PMP Professional Responsibility

• Maintaining high standards of professional integrity and conduct.
• Encouraging others in the profession to act professionally.
• Continuously seek guidance for enhancing professional capabilities.
• Upholding the code.
• Compliance with all mandatory rules as well as regulations.
• Being responsible for your actions.
• Practicing code of ethics with honesty and fairness.
• Stick to ethical standards as well as legal requirements.
• Protecting the stakeholder and balance stakeholders interest in the project
• Ensuring that a conflict of interest wouldn’t compromise the customer’s legitimate interest
• Maintaining confidential information
• Acting in a truthful, accurate manner
• Reporting unethical or illegal behavior
• While dealing with other cultures maintaining professional sensitivity
• Being aware of cultural differences

Other professional responsibility

• Project manager requires to ensure that company policies would be followed
• Copyright laws wouldn’t be violated
• Budget tampering- don’t present anything besides your original estimation.
• Rights- Don’t do business with a country where there would be a clear violation of the fundamental rights


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