Compared with my classmates who are experts in various fields (even management level), my work background is not very outstanding. I took the Internet-related license at the beginning, but I went to the client company's station but only repaired the computer. After time, he was favored by customers and switched to becoming a telecommunications engineer. During this process, I gradually learned how a mature information system helps the company develop its business, and how users can do everything they can to bypass various security controls to obtain resources.

Because of these grassroots experience, I deeply experience that even foreign companies have very limited understanding of information security. In order to seek the next stage of career development, I embarked on a series of adventures...

It took me half a year to read one of the official recommended book lists and went to the question bank website to do some questions. I felt that the score seemed to be okay and I went to challenge. However, the first attempt failed and the results were terrible.

This time I was able to pass the exam. I think the teacher provided some key help:

Idea adjustment

On the first day of class, the teacher asked a difficult question. The 4 students present just used different answering techniques to choose the answer. The teacher thought this was a bit noob, and told us that since we want to get an expert license, we should be like a Like experts, look for honest and sufficient reasons to support your decision. In small-class courses, the teacher can guide each student to understand their blind spots in thinking and adjust their thinking styles. This helps me to recognize and pay attention to the effectiveness of the test preparation process instead of clinging to books.

Difficult practice questions for building confidence

In the process of preparing for the exam, one of the self-directed training is to answer the QOTD given by the teacher every day, and to state their own opinions. To answer well, in addition to the ability to think across domains, you also need to understand the concepts of many technical terms. The difficulty of QOTD far exceeds the range of "one inch deep and ten miles wide" required to pass the exam, and it has even dug into even wikis. I can't see the depth of the car's taillights anymore. Even as an engineer, I was once asked in a field I am familiar with. In the process of studying each option, it can continuously strengthen the impression of each topic, and can quickly judge the applicable scenarios and advantages and disadvantages of each option when encountered in the exam.

After a series of courses and training, I found that I have gradually developed some skills. Even if I can't fully understand the questions and options, I can still choose the best one.

On the day of the test, the things I was worried about did not happen. I could understand most of the questions and options. The proportion of difficult questions was not high. If I encountered them, I was more than 80% confident that I could choose the right one. At the end of the question, I went out and looked at the transcript on the table behind the counter. It vaguely revealed a different format. I know that the result this time is different from the last time. Yes, I defeated the CISSP that major foreign forums called Beasts.

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