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What are two valid scaling techniques when an EIGRP network is designed that consists of more than 1000 routers? (Choose two.)

A.Implement multiple EIGRP autonomous systems.
B.Modify delay parameters on the links
C.Use structured hierarchical topology with route summarization.
D.Use sub-second timers.
E.Use the distribute-list command to filter routes.

Correct Answer: AC

A branch office has a primary L3VPN MPLS connection back to the main office and an IPSEC VPN tunnel that serves as a backup. Which design ensures that data is sent over the backup connection only if the primary MPLS circuit is down?

A.Use BGP with the multipath feature enabled to force traffic via the primary path when available.
B.Use static routes tied to an IP SLA to prefer the primary path while a floating static route points to the backup connection.
C.Use OSPF with a passive-interface command on the backup connection.
D.Use ElGRP to establish a neighbor relationship with the main office via L3VPN MPLS and the IPSEC VPN tunnel.

Correct Answer: B

An engineer needs a standards-driven YANG model to manage a multivendor network environment. Which mode must the engineer choose?


Correct Answer: A


Which two best practices must be followed when designing an out-of-band management network? (Choose two.)

A.Enforce access control.
B.Ensure network isolation.
C.Back up data using the management network
D.Facilitate network integration.
E.Ensure that the management network is a backup to the data network.

Correct Answer: AB

An engineer is working for a large cable TV provider that requires multiple sources of streaming video on different channels using multicast with no rendezvous point. Which multicast protocol meets these requirements?

B.any-source multicast

Correct Answer: D

A company with multiple service providers wants to speed up BGP convergence time in the event a failure occurs with its primary link. Which approach achieves this goal and does not impact router CPU utilization?

A.Decrease the BGP keepalive timer.
B.Utilize BFD and tune the multiplier to 50.
C.Utilize BFD and keep the default BGP timers.
D.Lower the BGP hello interval.

Correct Answer: A

Which design consideration should be observed when EIGRP is configured on Data Center switches?

A.Perform manual summarization on all Layer 3 interfaces to minimize the size of the routing table.
B.Prevent unnecessary EIGRP neighborships from forming across switch virtual interfaces.
C.Lower EIGRP hello and hold timers to their minimum settings to ensure rapid route reconvergence.
D.Configure multiple EIGRP autonomous systems to segment Data Center services and applications.

Correct Answer: A

A network engineer must connect two sites across a public network using a secure tunneling technology that supports multicast traffic technology that must be chosen?

C.GRE over IPsec

Correct Answer: C

A customer is discussing QoS requirements with a network consultant. The customer has specified that end-to-end path verification is a requirement. Which QoS solution meets this requirement?

A.DiffServ model with PHB to support the traffic flows
B.marking traffic at the access layer with CoS to support the traffic flows
C.marking traffic at the access layer with DSCP to support the traffic flows
D.IntServ model with RSVP to support the traffic flows

Correct Answer: D

An engineer must propose a QoS architecture model that allows an application to inform the network of its traffic profile and to request a particular type of service to support its bandwidth and delay requirements. The application requires consistent and dedicated bandwidth end to end. Which QoS architecture model meets these requirements?


Correct Answer: D

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