Cisco Certified Network, Associate, or CCNA certification would validate your ability to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot routed & switched networks. CCNA certified professionals could make connections for remote sites through a WAN (wide area network), mitigating primary network security threats, and understanding fundamental networking concepts and terminology.

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Average Salaries for CCNA Engineers

The world has very different countries as well as all these countries would be having various Job Opportunities. So, for any job, we couldn’t be determining the exact average Salary. For new networkers, for CCNAs, we couldn’t choose a precise determination of a CCNA Entry Level Salary.

Even we couldn’t be able to give a particular value for the world, and we could provide a Range as CCNA Salary Entry Level. It is considered to be quite exciting, but real. The net Salary of a CCNA would be ranging from 100$ Salary per monthly, and it would be reaching 4500$ per month it the most developed countries.

For instance, in Venezuela, a one-month CCNA salary is considered to be about 100$ per month. This would be a shallow rate for other places across the world.

In the Arabic Region, for instance, in Algeria, a CCNA holder would be earning 250$ per month while a newbie CCNA Engineer would be earning 2500$ per month in Dubai.

An entry-level network engineer would be able to earn about 1000$ per month in Russia and Indonesia. In contrast, an experienced network engineer with CCNA certification would make about 400$ per month in Colombia and India. On the other hand, the CCNAs in the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia would be earning up to 4000-5000$ per month as net Salary.

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Salaries in the USA for CCNAsCCNA Salary California

Besides the highest CCNA Salary in California, with its advanced technology and opportunities, the USA could be considered an excellent alternative to working. Here, California is considered to be one of the most critical places for CCNA Jobs. So, Salaries in California for CCNA could be believed to be a tremendous driving force for an Entry Level Cisco Engineer. The Salary would be ranging for CCNA in the USA if we would be comparing it with the other countries for CCNA Jobs. In different states as well as cities, there would be pleasant CCNA Job Opportunities with high salaries. For example, in California, a network engineer who would have a CCNA Certification would be earning up to 4300$ per month as a net salary. This is considered one of the highest salary values for a CCNA if we compare it with numerous countries.

Job Roles for a CCNA Certified Professional

• Network Engineer
• System Administrator
• Network Technician
• Network Associate
• System Engineer
• Network Support Engineer

Career after CCNA

There would be numerous countries worldwide, and like all the other jobs, CCNA Jobs would have various salary ranges. These CCNA Salary Ranges are higher in developed countries such as the USA, UK, and Canada. Besides, there would be lower CCNA Salaries in less developed countries. And this range of these salaries is believed to be on the average in some of the nations. These countries would also be developed countries but not such as the USA, Canada, etc. Take Brazil and Turkey for an example for these countries.

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