Have you ever wanted to find real and fascinating information about one of the top certificates offered by Cisco? In this article, we will focus on the benefits of having the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification and how to get it. At the same time, you will also understand why many examiners choose exam dump as a reliable tool for exam preparation. Hope we arouse your interest, and it’s time to start!

What should we know about Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification?

Regarding this prestigious badge, the first thing to mention is that the Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure is the highest certification level in enterprise networks. It verifies an individual’s understanding of complex corporate networks and proves that you can find solutions to corporate infrastructure problems. If you have this certificate, it means that you have the relevant knowledge in the field and can choose the company you want to work for. But what is the real advantage of having this valuable badge? Let us find the answer in the next paragraph together.

Benefits of CCIE Enterprise Certificate

CCIE Enterprise certification is the highest certification in the Cisco exam enterprise model. After passing the exam, candidates will master skills that can help them complete the exam. According to its strict procedures and guidelines, this is the most challenging credential to achieve. This badge requires a lot of effort, which is reflected in the many benefits it has. These include:

• The CCIE enterprise infrastructure enables the holder to become the leader of the IT world enterprise network.
• In the IT industry, more skilled personnel are needed; therefore, certified candidates are expected to provide excellent job opportunities.
• It provides holders with advanced training and proof of theoretical knowledge. This certificate makes an individual one of the most skilled experts in the field of networking.
• The high-level positions of the badge can be transformed into high salaries for the network business and the entire IT world. In total, as PayScale.com claims, a CCIE-certified professional earns up to $126,000 per year.


How to obtain CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification?

To become a CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification Expert, a candidate must clear two exams: the qualification exam 350-401 and the practical laboratory exam. In the next section, please visit our to learn more about them.

Learn more about qualification assessment: ENCOR 350-401

The qualifying exam is ENCOR 350-401, also known as the implementation of Cisco’s enterprise network core technology. The exam duration is 120 minutes, which evaluates the candidate’s expertise in implementing core enterprise network technologies. Exam 350-401 contains the following topics as a guide to the content of the exam:

• Automation: This will test the candidate’s necessary python component interpretation, the construction of valid JSON encoded files, the description of high-level principles and the benefits of data modeling languages, the description of APIs, etc.

• Security: This will check the candidate’s understanding of the configuration and verification of device access control, the description of REST API security, the configuration and verification of wireless security functions, the description of the components of network security design, etc.

•Network Assurance: Covers the use of debugging, traceroute, ping, etc., to diagnose network problems. Besides, Syslog is also used for device monitoring settings and verification, for remote logging, flexible NetFlow, Netflow configuration and confirmation, and other subtopics.

Other topics covered include IP services, infrastructure, virtualization, and architecture.

How about the lab exam?

The Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Version 1.0 lab exam is the second stage of the certification. The hands-on evaluation lasts for 8 hours and is tested on the corporate network, including its design, deployment, optimization, and operation.

Like the Cisco 350-401 exam, it covers many topics, including software-defined infrastructure, infrastructure automation and programmability, network infrastructure, infrastructure security and services, and transmission technologies and solutions.
Candidates who take this exam will receive a CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certificate with a unique CCIE number.

Now that you know about the two mandatory exams for CCIE Enterprise let us examine the best way to prepare for these two complex exams.

How to prepare for the Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Exam?

First of all, candidates must focus on passing 350-401, a prerequisite for laboratory exams.

Exam dumps are the answer to prepare for the Cisco 350-401.

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Last but not least, How to prepare for CCIE EI lab?

CCIE EI Lab is a challenging exam to pass if you only study by yourself as it contains lots of hands-on skills, newly added technological points like SDA/SD-WAN,and requires a real rack to practice. Individuals may find it difficult and expensive to build the rack by themselves.

our launches the CCIE EI lab service recently. The EL Lab service is available on Dec.21! We have the latest topology and workbooks, and solutions. Also, we provide a complete rack to practice in the real exam environment to feel confident on the exam day!

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The best proof of expertise with complex enterprise networks is acquiring the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification. However, without familiarizing yourself with the exam questions through studying our real 350-401 exam dumps, passing the exams will become a rather challenging task. To succeed in the 350-401 exam and EL lab v1.0 exam, equip yourself with our exam dumps and pass with flying colors.

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