What is the difference between Huawei and Cisco certification? And many people who are just getting started don't know which one they choose? Too many people have such doubts, and I will discuss them in detail here.

The network engineer industry launched CCIE certification from Cisco in 1993;

1. Why does the network engineer industry need to verify?

First of all, there is no certificate to prove your ability. We usually say that you have a certificate.

The network engineer industry has strong technical requirements, and the manufacturer conducts the recommended authoritative certification, which saves a lot of trouble.

2. What is the difference between Cisco and Huawei certification?

The network industry Cisco is a topic that cannot be bypassed. Globally, Cisco certification is at the top of IT certification, and it is still the case.

Huawei is very good in the domestic industry. The Chinese test questions and the subsidy policy of manufacturers have led to the recognition of Huawei’s certification in the market.

Cisco, as an industry benchmark, is the object of imitated by the entire industry, but as a policy reason in recent years, Cisco's network equipment has not been good in China, but it does not prevent it from being mixed in foreign countries.

Huawei gradually cannibalized a large part of the network equipment market when Cisco was struggling.

The lack of equipment feels that many novices feel that Cisco is not working, and turned to Huawei. Objectively speaking, the certification has little to do with the number of equipment. Because the underlying theory of network devices is actually the same, the only difference is some differences in the command line. The difference between Dao and Shu that we are talking about is different. If you can understand Dao, Shu can be ever-changing.

So it's not a big problem to learn anything.

3. What is the certificate used for?

Certificate essentially proves that you have this ability. If the certificate itself can’t prove anything, then the certificate has lost its functions.

This is why undergraduates are so bad now, and graduate students are walking all over the floor, all of them go to Ph.D., because academic certificates can no longer prove a lot of things.

Many practitioners in the network industry or those who have not yet entered the industry pursue network certificates, and gradually forget that the essence of certificates is technology. Even if you have passed the test, it is actually a paper (just a piece of paper), because technology is easy to get out of the way. Only by mastering solid technology can we deal with problems that arise at work.

4. Certificates and Skills

First, let’s talk about a point of view, Testing and learning skills, these are two concepts. . The skills are learned, and the textual research is no problem. I have passed the textual research and may not have the skills.

The company recruits employees mainly for generating value and enabling technology to be implemented. If you are a network engineer, if you have not thought about the stakes of technology and certificates, it is not difficult to understand that many people who have passed the certificate cannot find the ideal job.

5. How difficult is textual research?

The layman finds the verification difficult, but the industry finds the verification simple.

Mastering skills is impossible without a lot of time accumulation.

The textual research is mainly divided into CCNA (HCIA), CCNP (HCIP), CCIE (HCIE)

CCNA (HCIA), CCNP (HCIP), these will follow you to learn how much Technology doesn't matter, I want to prepare for the exam for 10 days.

CCIE (HCIE) requires a lot of network knowledge and a lot of experimental training.

6. How to learn skills?

The biggest problem in self-study is self-awareness and answering questions. When you get stuck in a problem, when you are confused, when you can’t hold on, when you indulge yourself, It is easy to give up.

7. A few words of advice

Don’t be anxious about being a person and doing things, and be lonely and calm down. All the speed is fake.

From an annual salary of 50,000 to an annual salary of 200,000, can it really be done in half a year? Can it be done 100%? If so, please give me a dozen.

Men should not always think about salary increases before the age of 30, and find ways to accumulate before the age of 30, improve their abilities and vision, get to know more people, and improve their overall thinking. For example, at this stage, you can maintain a sports hobby, such as swimming, running, mountaineering, cycling, reading regularly every day, and selectively learning. Don’t be limited to your current company thinking to do things. What you want to see is Job opportunities across the market. Don't blindly enter any circle. The circle never belongs to you. Only when you improve is true. Don't make friends with wine and meat, you should have the social etiquette of friends with wine and meat. It's really funny. People of each level have their own way of communication, and only if your brain reaches it can you get an admission ticket.

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