Certified Information Systems Auditor, otherwise popularly known by its short-form CISA, would be referred to as a designation issued by the ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association). The assignment is the global standard for professionals who would be undertaking a career in information systems, particularly control, auditing, and security. CISA holders would demonstrate to the employers that they possess the technical skills, knowledge, and proficiency for meeting the dynamic challenges adhering to modern organizations.

Being certified as a Certified Information Systems Auditor, candidates are required to go through a comprehensive exam and satisfy industry work experience requirements. Candidates are also required for professional development and continuing education and adhere to the Code of Professional Ethics of ISACA and Information Systems Auditing Standards.

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The CISA exam would be consisting of four hours and would be composed of about 150 multiple-choice questions. The exam would be testing the knowledge of candidates of five job practice domains:

The Process of Auditing Information Systems
Information Systems Acquisition, Government and Management of IT
Development and Implementation
Maintenance and Service Management
Information Systems Operations, and Protection of Information Assets

Candidates are required to score about 450 for passing the exam. The exam would be scored on a scale of about 200 and 800.

Candidates would have the option of sitting the exam in June, September, or December in testing centers across the globe. The exam would also be available in multiple languages, including Chinese Mandarin, simplified and traditional, French, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean.

Register online anytime for the CISA certification exam.

CISA certification exams could now be registered via online remote proctored or at an in-person testing center.

Exam Requirements


Eligibility would be established at the time of exam registration as well as is suitable for a year. Exam registration, as well as payment, would be required before you could schedule and take an exam. You will sacrifice your fees if you don’t organize and commence the exam during this 12-month eligibility period. No eligibility extensions or deferrals would be allowed.

Exam Scheduling

Candidates would be able to schedule their exam for any available date, time, and location within their stipulated eligibility period 365-day. When designing an exam, candidates must select either an in-person testing center or an online remote proctoring.

Candidates who cannot take their exam on their scheduled date would be able to reschedule during their eligibility period if completed more than 48 hours before the initially scheduled appointment of testing.

If you are within 48 hours of your scheduled testing appointment, you should take the exam or sacrifice the registration fee. Do note that payment would be required before you could schedule an exam.

Multi-Modality Exam Delivery

The CISA exam is considered to be offered in ten languages and could be taken in-person at one of the 1,300 PSI locations worldwide or with the mode of online remote proctoring. Your preferred option is considered to be selected when scheduling the exam. Here would be the example of the look as well as feel for the exam-taking experience.

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