In 2019, Cisco announced some changes to its certification program. One of the most significant changes in the certification program may be removing prerequisites in many cases, and the simplified certification path itself. Obtaining the CCNP data center certification can prove your knowledge and expertise in data center solutions. Once the new certification path is released, it may be challenging to pass. This post carefully introduces the overview, benefit, and preparation of the CCNP data center for your better understanding.

CCNP Data Center certification 2021

As of February 24, 2021, the changes to the CCNP DC plan are as follows:

• There are no other prerequisites. You still need to know your knowledge because this is a professional certification.
• Simplify certification. Just take the core exam (350-601 DCCOR) and one concentration exam.
• The CCNP-DC core exam has now become the CCIE-DC qualification exam.

CCNP data center certification information

To get the CCNP data center, you need to pass two exams: the core exam and one of the concentration exams. Each exam in the CCNP data center program is certified as an individual expert, so your achievements throughout the process are recognized.

CCNP-DC core exam:

The 350-601 DCCOR core exam focuses on your understanding of data center infrastructure. The exam will last 120 minutes.

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CCNP data center concentration exam

Concentrated exams focus on development and industry-specific topics. There are many CCNP DC exams. You decide which one you choose.

• 300-610 DCID, design Cisco data center infrastructure
• 300-615 DCIT to troubleshoot the Cisco data center infrastructure
• 300-620 DCACI, implementing a Cisco application-centric infrastructure
• 300-625 DCSAN, implement Cisco Storage Area Network
• 300-635 DCAUTO, automated Cisco data center solutions

This is more suitable because it allows you to study for the most relevant exam.

The benefits of CCNP data center certification


Completing data center certification is essential for your skills and professional development. Whether you are new to data center management, want to create a necessary certificate, or want to stimulate current knowledge, this is the main reason why you should consider obtaining CCNP data center certification:

Open doors to Data Center Career

The data center skills gap is one of the main concerns of organizations today. Only 32% of IT leaders believe their organization has the internal skills to meet their needs, while 42% face the challenge of recruiting talent due to a lack of preferred technical skills. Obtaining certification for mastering new skills can help your organization close this loophole while also making you more fascinated by employers looking for new data center careers.

Proof of your skills

Not everyone can pass the CCNP Data Center 350-601 certification exam. In addition to time and financial investment, the CCNP data center certification also hopes you have some necessary skills to bring technical knowledge that can help you maintain and operate the data center when developing through the certification. Passing the CCNP 350-601 exam will confirm your skills and ensure that you know the basic concepts and techniques and other details included in the certificate.

Get financial rewards

Obtaining the CCNP data center certification can not only improve your skills, but it can also boost your salary. In the United States and Canada, certified IT professionals’ income is approximately 11.7% higher than that of uncertified professionals. Globally, the error has expanded to 12.8% in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and 15.3% in the Asia-Pacific region. Therefore, it makes sense to obtain data center certification.

How to prepare for the CCNP data center exam?

When studying for the Cisco certification exam, the most important thing we need to pay attention to is the exam topic. The subject of the exam tells us what tests we want to take during the exam. Therefore, the dump is the best study material to help you understand the test subject and the layout and structure!

You can find the 350-601 DCCOR exam topics here. In short, the following aspects will be tested:
3.Storage network

Generally speaking, the our CCNP data center exam dump can help you find the weakest part you lack for better improvement! All the our Data Center dumps cover questions the same as the real exam. If you practice for a few days, you can pass the CCNP data center exam on the first attempt!

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In conclusion

Obtaining the CCNP Data Center certification requires a lot of time, effort, and investment. Nevertheless, acquiring new things, keeping pace with developments in the data center field, and ultimately extending your value to the organization and the market can make it all valuable. For that, you should opt for our Data Center study materials for a single success!

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