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 Which method is used by AMP against zero-day and targeted file-based attacks?

 A. periodically evaluating emerging threats as new information becomes available

 B. analyzing the behavior of all files that are not yet known to the reputation service

 C. implementing security group tags

 D. obtaining the reputation of known files

 Correct Answer: D


 Which statement about identification profile default settings on the Cisco WSA is true?

 A. Guest identification profile should be processed first

 B. identification profiles can include only one user group.

 C. AsyncOS processes identification profiles alphabetically.

 D. identification profiles do not require authentication.

 Correct Answer: D


 Which two benefits does AMP provide compared to the other scanning engines on the Cisco WSA? (Choose two.)

 A. protection against viruses

 B. protection against spam

 C. protection against zero-day attacks

 D. protection against targeted file-based attacks

 E. protection against malware

 Correct Answer: CD


 Which type of certificate must be installed on a Cisco WSA for HTTPS inspection?

 A. wildcard

 B. client

 C. root

 D. server

 Correct Answer: C


 What must be configured to require users to click through an acceptance page before they are allowed to go to the Internet through the Cisco WSA?

 A. Enable End-User URL Filtering Warning Page and set to Required in Access Policies.

 B. Enable End-User Acknowledgement Page and set to Required in Access Policies.

 C. Enable End-User Acknowledgement Page and set to Required in Identification Profiles.

 D. Enable End-User URL Filtering Warning Page and set to Required in Identification Profiles.

 Correct Answer: C



 Which two features can be used with an upstream and downstream Cisco WSA web proxy to have the upstream WSA identify users by their client IP address? (Choose two.)

 A. X-Forwarded-For

 B. IP spoofing

 C. web cache

 D. via

 E. high availability

 Correct Answer: AD


Which action is a valid default for the Global Access Policy in the Application Visibility Control engine on the Cisco WSA?

 A. monitor

 B. permit

 C. bandwidth limit

 D. restrict

 Correct Answer: A


 Which two features on the Cisco WSA help prevent outbound data loss for HTTP or FTP traffic? (Choose two.)

 A. third-party DLP integration

 B. web reputation filters

 C. SOCKS proxy

 D. data security filters

 E. Advanced Malware Protection

 Correct Answer: AD


 Which IP address and port are used by default to run the system setup wizard?





 Correct Answer: C


 Which two modes of operation does the Cisco WSA provide? (Choose two.)

 A. transparent

 B. connector

 C. standard

 D. explicit

 E. proxy

 Correct Answer: BC

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