Can I increase my income after obtaining PMP certification? Can PMP certification be linked?
According to a survey conducted by the US IT training company Global Knowledge and the magazine Windows IT Pro on the US IT industry in the fall of 2014, among the 15 most valuable professional qualification certifications, PMI (Project Management Institute) sponsored PMP certification (Project Management Professional) qualification certification ranks fourth. PMP certification is also the first among non-IT security technology certifications. The three certifications ranked in front of the PMP certification are all IT security technology certifications.

The following are the top 5 qualifications and average annual salary in North America:

Risk and Information System Control (CRISC ): US$119,227
Information Security Manager (CISM): US$118,348
Information System Security Specialist (CISSP): US$110,603
Project Management Professional (PMP): US$109,405
Information System Auditor (CISA): US$106,181

Today, as project management is gradually becoming formal and internationalized, the practical value of PMP certification in China is already obvious. Projects of enterprises, institutions, and national scientific research institutes. Both managers and project members require PMP certification. And the salary of PMP certified project management practitioners has also been significantly improved.

According to PMI China's official statistics, since the last 8 years, people who have passed the PMP certification have generally been engaged in project management, and their salaries have been among the best in the industry. Among them, PMP certifiers with three years of project management work experience have an annual salary of 250,000 yuan for ordinary project managers, and PMP certifiers with more than five years of project management experience have an annual salary of 350,000 to 400,000 yuan for ordinary project managers. Yuan Renminbi. Project managers engaged in the IT industry have an annual salary of around 300,000 yuan through PMP certification, and they can hold corporate management positions in small and medium-sized enterprises. In state-owned enterprises or national scientific research institutions, the value of PMP certification is also better demonstrated, such as: appraisal of professional titles, publication of papers, etc. In society, you can also receive generous treatment, and the state will also give corresponding subsidies.
It can be seen that in most project management tasks, the salary of PMP certified project managers has been greatly improved. In many large-scale state-owned enterprises in China, the employees who have obtained PMP certification in central enterprises even have a direct salary increase policy, which is also quite a direct return to the students who have obtained the PMP certification.

But generally speaking, mastering a piece of knowledge and improving work efficiency and quality through knowledge will also benefit our lives. This is the true value of PMP certification.

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