Microsoft MOS certification is an online exam. If you have an exam time, you can make an appointment to take the exam at any time. You can make an appointment for the exam after learning our tutorials. You can make an appointment at any time in the morning, afternoon and evening on weekdays. During holidays, you can also schedule an exam according to your time, and you can schedule an exam at any time without waiting.

The specific method is to make an appointment with the test teacher, fill in the verification code and install the Sunflower remote software on the computer. When the test time is up, the test teacher will remind you to check in, and then you can directly ask the test teacher to obtain the remote software. The account can control the computer of the test center!

For the test, you can use either a MAC computer or a WIN computer, there is little difference, because the test is connected to the test center computer remotely, and the test center computer system is used. It is recommended to use the office under the WIN system for normal practice. If you need to install a virtual machine to practice, there are specific procedures for you here. If you don’t understand, there are also technical guidance, so don’t worry. I really don't want to install it. You can also use the mac version of office. The difference is mainly in the location of buttons, function usage, etc. There is no difference.

If you haven't passed the exam, here is a free make-up exam, you can strengthen your review and take the exam again! Usually one to two weeks to pass a subject, because everyone has different learning ability, some can be mastered quickly, and some may take longer. Because the tutorial contains the professors of all the knowledge points of the exam, the specifics are based on mastering the tutorial. There are very few people who have not taken the exam. If you master the tutorial and do more mock questions before the exam, you will have no problem passing the exam.

ps: What should I do if the computer crashes or the network fails during the exam? Please contact your invigilator immediately. Your proctor will help you with your questions. If the problem cannot be resolved immediately (which is extremely unlikely), a postponement of the exam may be arranged.

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