Over time, Six Sigma and project management have proved their success at turning around struggling companies or making good organizations even much better. Both focuses are going to be specialized strategies for creating better business outcomes. They approach this goal in entirely different ways. Six Sigma is considered a methodology for designing to identify the defects and variation in a process. By utilizing Six Sigma tools and techniques, an organization could reduce mistakes, increase efficiency, cut costs, produce better products as well as services and become more competitive in the marketplace.

Employees who become adept at Six Sigma would be able to earn certifications at various color-coded levels. Those who wish to become experts in project management typically would be making a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification through the Project Management Institute. Earning either accreditation will help the candidates elevate an employee’s standing within an organization and make them more attractive job candidates for the positions of the leadership.

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The Project Management Institute, founded in 1969, provides the PMP certification, usually regarded as the most industry-recognized certification for project managers. Professionals could be able to prepare for earning the certificate by taking classes provided through colleges and universities. Types are offered on-campus or 100% online. If you wish to obtain success in your first attempt, you should utilize the our PMP Exam Dumps.


The main goal of a project manager would be to increase the success rate of projects. That would be involving the critical areas like defining goals with organizational executives, staying and setting within a budget, breaking a project into smaller segments as well as guiding a team for completing those tasks, and eventually completing the project by deadline and with a quality result that would be aligning with overall business goals.

Six Sigma Certification

Training and education are considered the key to Six Sigma success, and it would be able to help the candidates prepare for leadership roles. Employees are going to learn about the Six Sigma at various levels designated by color-coded belts. They would be The White Belt, The Yellow Belt, The Green Belt, The Black Belt, and The Master Black Belt in ascending order.
To lead a Six Sigma project, a person would be typically required to have reached the Black Belt level. Six Sigma would be having it focuses on a data-driven examination of a process that identifies and eliminates defects. Its goal would be to have no more than 3.4 defects per one million opportunities. Getting there would require leveraging a wide variety of different strategies and tools, most involving a detailed look at every phase of an operation.

Applying the techniques and tools for Six Sigma could help the candidates improve customer and employee satisfaction and improve the overall bottom line.

Main Differences Between the Two Certifications

Below mentioned are some of the key differences between the PMP and Six Sigma:
• A PMP certification has focused on improving the success rate of projects. A Six Sigma-certified employee would be having its focuses on finding and eliminating defects within a specific process
• A certified Six Sigma professional would be able to aim to reduce wasted time, effort as well as money in a particular process, while a PMP certified professional would be focusing on how to plan as well as execute a project
• Six Sigma projects would be able to have a continuous control phase, while project management will be focused on completing a project by a specified deadline.

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