Project Management Professional or more popularly known as the PMP certification, is believed to be an industry-recognized credential for project managers. PMP would reveal the education, experience, skill as well as competency, which would be required for leading and directing projects.

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PMP is considered to be the most sought-after certification, which is being administered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), USA. Project Management Professionals holds an imminent position in every industry. The demand is in terms of the skill requirements, varying between diverse geographies and industries.

As per the PMI survey report, by 2014, there would be tremendous opportunities for Project Management practitioners. As companies will recruit people from diverse cultural backgrounds, the requirement for project managers with a standardized set of skills is going to increase day by day.

These project managers would be expected to undertake projects on system reorganizations, ensure effectively and agreed on outcomes, and turn strategic vision into tangible goals while balancing various projects’ constraints.

Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide or the PMBOK Guide would have resulted from the concept of a small group of people who wished to form an organization for promoting the discipline of project management.

J. Gordon Davis, Edward Engman, Eric Jenett, James Snyder, and Susan Gallagher established the Project Management Institute or the PMI in October of 1969 in Atlanta, Georgia. The PMI membership would have grown from that small core of founders to more than 250,000 members across the world in 2009.

The first Project Management Professional certification exam would have held in 1984 when PMI membership cleared the 5,000 member milestone. The exam would have commenced by 55 applicants, resulting in 43 passes.

The Project Management Professional (PMP) is considered to be the knowledge and experience-based certification that has an ISO 9001 Quality certification. It has become the most valuable, sought after project management credential around the globe.


Quick points that make PMP certification the best

1. PMP certification exam is considered to be focused not on one domain or geography but also global. This means completing the PMP certification course successfully. One could adapt to work in any place, business, and method. Yes, it is considered a versatile technique that would make you ready to travel as a successful PM, delivery manager, or program manager.

2. The earning prospective of a PMP certified professional would increase to a maximum of 20% compared to others. It would be because the course curriculum is considered to be well-structured and helps the PM uniquely delivering the work.

3. It is considered possible for you to connect your team with all around the globe, and hence you would be making the organization complete the project on-time. They could gain a reputation as well as accordingly bid for more projects self-assuredly.

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