Preparing for the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam could be quite challenging. According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), project professionals would spend more than 35 hours preparing for the PMP exam. Even this amount of preparation is considered to be of no guarantee that you would be passing on the first try. Below mentioned are the details about the PMP certification and why it is considered to be so valuable, and insights into the layout of the exam, the prerequisites, costs, as well as tips on acing the exam. Acquiring the PMP Certification is considered to be lots of challenging unless you have the our PMP Exam Dumps. Or you can choose the PMP exam proxy service to pass without spending lots of time studying and training!

What is the PMP certification?

The PMP certification is considered to be the most industry-recognized certification for project managers. Project managers who would be able to earn the PMP certification meet global project management standards and would be connected to other PMPs across the globe. PMPs would bring the formalized training and tested knowledge that would offer the employers peace of mind, knowing that their project managers are held to the rigid uniform standards imposed by PMI.

PMP salaries

The PMP certification would offer a rewarding career, greater flexibility, potential for growth, and a salary boost. PMP salaries would be, on average, 20 percent higher than those of uncertified project management professionals, according to the ninth edition PMI’s salary survey.

What is the average salary of PMP in the IT industry?PMP exam standards

According to the PMI, the PMP certification is considered to be aligned with certification industry best practices, like those found in the Standards for Educational as well as Psychological Testing. The PMP credential is also accredited against the internationally acknowledged ISO 17024 standards. 

PMP exam content and 2018 changes

The Sixth Edition of the PMBOK Guide, released in September 2017, would have triggered some PMP exam changes. The changes have taken effect since March 26, 2018. If your exam is considered to be scheduled to be written before March 26, you would be writing the current version based on the PMBOK Guide – Fifth Edition; otherwise, be prepared for the new exam, which would be found on the sixth edition.


The exam material would be closely referencing the PMBOK Guide but isn’t a test of the guide itself. First PMBOK changes in the sixth edition would include the lexicon and terminology, which would be changes and closer linkage of process groups, tools, and techniques. Other changes include a chapter on the project manager’s role, which would be including successfully leading projects, core competencies, and the types of skills and experience which would be required to be effective. Time Management would have been renamed as Human Resource Management, Schedule Management has been renamed as Resource Management, and all areas now would be featuring four new sections:

Key conceptsTrends and emerging practicesTailoring considerationsConsiderations for Agile/Adaptive environmentsWhat are the PMP exam changes in 2021?

You will first be required to meet the eligibility requirements, which would be outlined below and apply for PMP certification through the PMI website. Supporting documentation isn’t needed during the application process, but you would be required to send supporting documents if your application would be selected for a random audit.

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