In the past, people that dream of becoming a manager go for an MBA or Master in Business Administration. Today, people take the PMP certification exam to land in almost the same position. However, there are several advantages to taking and passing the PMP certification test than having an MBA.

First, a PMP certificate takes less time to get compared to an MBA diploma, which could take two years to acquire. Having the prerequisites for taking the PMP test can make it possible for you to take and pass the exam in three months at most. Registering for the our online training course and getting the PMP dumps to study and practice the real and valid questions and answers could shorten the time you need to acquire a PMP certificate in just a few weeks.

Second, you spend less on a PMP certification compared to an MBA diploma. To pass the PMP certification exam, you will only need a little more than a thousand dollars for the exam’s learning materials. If you decide to pursue an MBA, you will spend tens of dollars in two years for tuition and other fees and books and other requirements to finish the course.

Third, you can register for an online training course that may take a few weeks to a few months without going to school and still become a certified PMP. However, going after an MBA degree would mean going back to school for two years or studying online for although there are online courses that you can take, it might take you longer to finish your course.

Fourth, nowadays, companies prefer project managers with industry experts such as certified project managers. For example, IT companies would like to hire a manager with an IT background rather than someone with an MBA degree. A certified PMP knows how to manage people and the technology that the company uses, while managers with an MBA may have the expertise in handling a project, but they lack the technical knowledge to make the project succeed.


Last, someone with a PMP certification has better chances of career development. Since these managers usually get jobs in big companies, they can fill higher positions than their MBA counterparts. Because the Project Management Institute gives a PMP certification in the USA, those with the badge can easily find jobs anywhere in the world. This could mean that even if one moves to other countries, there will always have a job waiting for him.

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