Before diving into the discussion about the AWS Developer and the AWS Architect, it is considered essential to reflect on reasons for pursuing the AWS certification. Let us have some discussions regarding AWS certifications by comparing the AWS Solutions Architect with the AWS developer. AWS Certifications would be able to provide a quantifiable impression of your fluency and capabilities for clearing a specific set of tasks and abilities. Also, they both are quite challenging to obtain, and if you wish to get the same in a single attempt, you must acquire the study dumps offered at the our Club.

AWS Developer vs. AWS Architect Certification

You should note that comparisons of AWS Developer and Solution Architect would be able to show you that certifications are considered to be quite valuable. In terms of value, AWS certifications are considered more than they would seem to be of all. The wide assortment of knowledge that the candidates would gain by qualifying specific AWS certification exam plays a crucial role.

Candidates could find abilities beyond the AWS Developer vs. AWS Architect debate for developing fluency in a typical “cloud” vocabulary. So, we can notice that AWS certifications are essential tools for taking your career to the next level. You can think of them as stepping stones for moving ahead in your career. Now, let us focus on comparing AWS architect vs. developer in the following segments of this discussion. 

Differences in Exam Details

The first aspect for comparisons between the AWS Developer vs. AWS Architect would be evident in the exam details. Interestingly, you would find many similarities in this comparison, albeit with differences in terms of abilities that would be testing the in the exams. For instance, the exam format is similar to the AWS Solution Architect and AWS Developer certification exams.

The AWS solutions architect associate certification would be testing the following abilities of candidates: 


Demonstration of in-depth knowledge, which would be regarding the deployment and architecture of applications on AWS technologies with higher security and resilience.Definition of solutions utilizing the architectural designing the principles concerning customer requirements.Facilitating implementation guidance on the grounds would be the best practices throughout the project lifecycle. Salary Estimates Speak Loudly!

As per data, the average annual pay for an AWS Solution Architect in the United States is considered to be the $152,793 a year. On the other hand, the average salary estimate for another AWS Certified Developer Associate is $130,369 annually.

Choose the One According to Your Preferences

The interest of a candidate and their plans regarding professional development would also play the choosing the right option. From its looks, the AWS Solutions Architect would be able to job role could fetch you a better salary. On the other hand, the AWS developer job role could help you out in diving into the deeper into practical applications with AWS console.

AWS Solutions Architect jobs would require the prolific cognitive thinking for visualizing solutions with the help of leveraging knowledge about AWS architecture would be the best practices. Apart from the limited scope for practical involvement in application design, deployment, and management, AWS Solution Architect would be tending to be a better option for a fresher.  

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