Don't know how to register for the AWS certification exam? Don’t panic, you can do everything after reading this post.

First you need to open the link:, select "Create Account", and use your personal http:// Login with account or APN Partner Central account.

After you successfully log in, click "Certificate" in the navigation bar, and you will be redirected to

Select the right of the page "Schedule a new exam" on the side of the page, drop down the page to find the name of the exam you want to take, and arrange through the exam provider PSI or Pearson VUE, and then follow the system prompts to complete the registration

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Registration requirements:

Generally speaking, candidates must be over 18 years old to take the AWS Certification exam. Some agreements need to be signed before the exam, which roughly means that legal statements such as cheating and dissemination of exam questions are not allowed. It is necessary to bring valid personal documents (such as ID cards, passports, household registration books), etc. during the formal examination. You can only bring pens and draft paper, and no electronic devices. Cell phones, etc. need to be placed outside.

For candidates aged 13-17, please visit the Application Exam Adjustment ( page for specific registration and exam experience instruction.

Exam duration:

No matter which test provider you choose to arrange your exam, you can clearly see the exam duration during the registration process (Note: When arranging an exam through Pearson VUE, the "Exam Duration" displayed includes an additional 10 minutes compared to the standard "Exam Time". These 10 minutes include the 5 minutes before the exam for reading and agreeing to the candidates' specifications, and Five minutes after the exam is used to complete the survey. Although the PSI also includes this extra time, it is not included in the displayed "exam duration". The actual exam answer time for the two vendors is exactly the same.)

Exam language:

Similarly, the system will let you choose your exam language during the registration process. Although part of the test already supports Chinese, it is still recommended that you choose English. Because the Chinese questions of the exam are translated by machine, some places may be inaccurately translated, which will cause ambiguity and misunderstanding, so it is not good to have an impact on your exam.

Exam location & time:

If you choose PSI to arrange your exam, don’t forget to choose after filling in your country and city The month you want to take the exam is the current month by default. After you fill in the above information, you can drop down the page to see multiple alternative test rooms, sorted from the nearest to the farthest. After you choose the exam venue, you can choose the specific date and time for the exam. AWS certification exam time is more flexible. Basically, you can take the exam almost every day, but it depends on the arrangement of the exam room you choose. Generally, the exam room has multiple time slots every day to make an appointment for you to take the exam.

Exam fee:

The fee for the Cloud Practitioner exam is 100 USD. The fee for the Associate exam is 150 USD. The fee for Professional and Specialty exams is 300 USD. It should be noted that related taxes (such as value-added tax) may need to be paid.

Payment methods:

There are two payment methods for registration, one is to use Visa / Master / American Express / Discover / JCB to pay, or to use Exam voucher payment. Exam vouchers can be purchased from third-party companies.


After registration, you cannot go to the exam on time. You can cancel or reschedule the exam at least 24 hours before the appointment time without additional charge . Log in to the official website of the registration to proceed. If the test time is less than 24 hours, you cannot cancel or reschedule, and the test fee will not be refunded. If you miss the exam time, you will need to wait 24 hours before you can register for the exam again. Missing the exam will not result in a “failed” exam.

Exam results:

After completing the exam, you will receive a pass or fail notification on the screen. The score line of AWS Certification is set based on the results of statistical analysis and is not fixed. AWS will not announce the test score line, because after the content of the exam is updated, the test questions and score line will be updated to reflect the changes in the test format. Most exams use quantitative scoring methods. You will receive an email confirming the completion of the exam. You can view the detailed exam results in your AWS Certification account under "History" within five working days after completing the exam. Within five working days after the test, your test result record will be displayed under "History".

Re-exam conditions:

Candidates who fail the exam must wait 14 days before they can retake the exam. There is no limit to the number of exams until you pass. The full registration fee must be paid each time you retake the exam.

Certificate acquisition:

Exam is a test used to verify a person’s technical knowledge of AWS products and services. Certification is a certificate obtained after successfully passing an exam. A certificate is a digital badge and title that you can use on business cards and other professional materials to show that you have passed AWS certification. You can view the exam certifications you have obtained in the "certifications" of your AWS certification account. Note that you must renew your certification every three years (or complete a "recertification").

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