Amazon Web Services, commonly known as AWS, offers on-demand cloud services to individuals, organizations based on subscription. AWS would be dominating the growing cloud marketplace. AWS would be owned a market of about 70 billion dollars than its next four rivals combined. Due to AWS’s popularity, the demand for IT professionals who could leverage the AWS platform would be continuing to increase. Gaining AWS-certified is considered the best way for IT professionals to develop and gain the skills and knowledge required to successfully utilize AWS and its services. If you wish to acquire the AWS Certification in the very first attempt, you should get the our AWS Exam Dumps to achieve success in the first attempt.

What is the AWS Certification?

AWS certification would be able to validate the skills and knowledge which would be required to work with AWS and its services. The AWS certification path would comprise of four levels: Foundational, Associate, Professional, and Specialty, the first three levels of which would be building upon each other. AWS Specialty certifications are considered to be standalone, but are narrower and focused in scope. As such, professionals attempting to earn a Specialty certification would likely have earned other AWS certifications.

Please note that AWS would have recently done away with prerequisites for its certification exams due to the amount of intersection between path levels. For instance, AWS Certified Solutions Architect would exist as both an Associate as well as Professional certification. AWS would be receiving feedback from exam takers about the frustration of having to earn the Associate before the Professional.

AWS Certification Salary and Career Information

Professionals with AWS certification would be considered typically among the highest paid in the IT industry as per the Payscale. It would be reporting a salary range between $97,588 (USD) to $114,345 (USD) for AWS certification holders. Not surprisingly, salaries would be increasing by the level of certification, meaning that AWS Professional certification holders would be commanding higher salaries than AWS Associate certification holders.

Keep in mind that there would be several factors that are going to determine salaries: Professional experience, geography, as well as company size. It would also be important for considering the cost of living regarding national salary averages and range. Lastly, larger organizations would be typically paying more, but the tradeoff is that their hiring processes are usually considered to be much more complicated and take longer.


Roles associated with AWS certification holders would be including cloud architect, cloud developer, SysOps administrator, cloud sales and purchase manager, cloud key account manager, cloud DevOps engineer, AWS networking specialist, cloud software engineer, AWS systems integrator, and AWS Big Data specialist.

How would I become AWS certified?

While there are not set-in-stone steps for studying for the AWS certification, these steps are considered the most straight-forward.
1. Enrolling in an AWS training class, like any of the ones mentioned in this article. They would certainly be increasing your knowledge of cloud computing as well as AWS.
2. Reviewing any Studying or Exam Guides available.
3. Reading multiple AWS whitepapers. These would be holding some invaluable information, which might be answering many of your questions.
4. Practicing exams would also help ease any worries or stress that you might be having about the certification exam.
5. Scheduling the exam once you would be ready. It typically would be able to take anywhere from 80 to 120 hours of practicing/studying to be prepared for the exam, which would be based on experience and the certification you would be pursuing.

So, if you have all the qualifications which are required to complete the AWS Certification and wish to acquire it, you should opt for our AWS Exam Dumps.

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