Introduction to certification bodies

CISSP (Certified Information System Security Professional) is currently the world’s authoritative and comprehensive international information system security certification , Organized and managed by the International Information System Security Certification Association (ISC)2, (ISC)2 holds examinations all over the world, and those who meet the qualifications of the examination are awarded CISSP certification after passing the examination. CISSP can prove that the certificate holder has the information security knowledge level and experience ability that meets the requirements of international standards, enhance its professional credibility, and provide enterprises and organizations with a basis for finding professionals. It has been widely used worldwide Recognized. Obtaining CISSP certification indicates that the holder has a complete information security knowledge system and rich industry experience, and serves major IT-related companies and industries such as telecommunications, finance, large-scale manufacturing, and service industries with excellent capabilities. CISSP's working ability trustworthy.

Course Certification Overview

CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), International Registered Information Systems Security Professional,

It is the highest level of professional qualifications for information security practitioners generally recognized worldwide.

CISSP (Certification for Information System Security Professional) is the professional certification of information system security. This certificate represents the authoritative certification of international information system security practitioners. Professionals in management or control test the skills and knowledge accumulation of practitioners. The purpose of participating in CISSP training is to help practitioners systematically understand and master various concepts, principles, practices and operations in the field of information security knowledge. Even if they do not take the CISSP exam, they can also learn about the latest international developments in information security, improve security knowledge, and improve security Skill.

Training target

Business systems, financial business systems, government information systems, etc., T-related companies and telecommunications, finance, large-scale manufacturing, and service industries Other industries, corporate information security personnel, corporate information security technical personnel, management personnel, corporate IT operation and maintenance personnel (network, system, computer room, etc.), corporate IT and information security auditors, and other information security practitioners.

Certification requirements

1. There are no requirements for academic qualifications for the CISSP registration exam, but the application for a certificate requires 5 years of relevant work experience. ;

2. If you have a bachelor’s degree or above, one year of work experience can be exempted;

3. If you don’t meet 5 years of relevant work experience. You can take the exam to become an official associate member first, and then apply for an official certificate after the working years are met (first apply for an associate member within 9 months, and pay an annual fee of $50/year).

Certification knowledge system structure

The weight ratio of the CISSP exam outline in 2021

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CISSP knowledge field 2021 weightold copyright weight
1. Security and risk management15%15%
2. Asset security10%10%
3. Security architecture and engineering13%13%
4. Communication and network security13%14%
5. Identity and access management13%13%
6. Security evaluation and testing12%12%
7. Safe operation13%13%
8. Software development safety 11%10%

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