If you would be planning for PMI ACP Certification, would you be looking for good corporate training for PMI ACP? Then you are required to gain knowledge of the PMI ACP eligibility requirements. You would probably be keen on taking up an agile certification for yourself or your employees as well as exploring the PMI ACP eligibility requirements. This is then considered a must-read for you before you would be diving into the PMI ACP certification process.

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PMI ACP Eligibility Requirements

PMI ACP Eligibility Requirements are considered to be designed holistically so that you would have a specific educational background coupled with experience and formal training on agile practices. Before we go further, you must acquire the our ACP exam practice tests to obtain success in your very first attempt.

1. PMI ACP Eligibility Education Requirements:

To comply with the PMI ACP eligibility requirements, all you will require having is a high school diploma or a secondary degree or an associate’s degree or anything that is considered to be equivalent to these across the globe. Now, let us move on and see what the other PMI ACP Eligibility Requirements would be.

2. PMI ACP Eligibility Experience Requirements:

In terms of experience, as a component of eligibility requirements for PMI ACP, PMI again would be considerate enough to understand that since agile project management is in its emerging stages, you couldn’t have substantial experience in that. Therefore, it would be giving a mix of both broad project management experience as well as agile project management experience as a part of the eligibility requirements of the PMI ACP.

When you would be assessing your experience, you should be aware that overlapping projects aren’t counted. Even though you worked on two or more tasks concurrently in a month, PMI won’t count them as an aggregated experience. This would be applying to both generals as well as agile projects.

If you supposedly have worked on Project A between October- March and another Project B from January – June, the total experience would be counted as Project A (6 months) + Project B (3 months), which is a total of 9 months and not 12 months. PMI won’t be counted the Jan- Mar in both projects. It would be included either in A or B


Summarizing the experience requirement:
Experience Hours
General project experience 2000
Agile project experience 1500

3. PMI ACP Eligibility Agile practices Training Requirements:

Since the exam content outline would be specified by PMI, which we will discuss in a while, PMI would also require you to undergo a 21-hour training on agile practices so that you would be geared up for the PMI ACP exam preparation. While PMI would be saying that you ought to have the education as well as experience when you would be applying for the PMI ACP Certification, you would have a concession in terms of the training part of the eligibility requirements for PMI ACP. If you could complete the PMI ACP Training by the time you would have to sit for the exam, PMI won’t object. It isn’t considered to be mandatory that you complete it when you would be applying.

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