The role of a project manager could be very lucrative. They are considered responsible for every facet of a project, from parceling out tasks for picking materials. Project managers are required to be multi-talented when leading their team and have both soft and hard skills. Depending on the employer, the necessary project management requirements will be different from sector to sector.

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PMP certification eligibility criteria

PMP certification eligibility is considered to be based on the following three prerequisites:

· Years of project management experience:

If you worked on multiple projects that overlapped in a single month, only one of those projects could be counted toward your experience requirement. It doesn’t matter if some of your project management work went unpaid, as long as the experience you acquire happened in a professional environment. School or personal projects such as planning your wedding, for instance, wouldn’t be counted.

· Hours you’ve spent leading and directing projects:

For this PMP certification requirement, it would be alright to count all the hours led by you led for directed projects, even if the work overlapped. You are supposed to leave the solo projects out of the mix. This prerequisite is proposed for cross-functional team projects where you are considered responsible for every aspect and managed the project across the triple constraints of time, cost, and scope.

· Hours of formal project management education:

Before you would be giving your application for PMP certification, you must spend time learning the ins and outs of project management. Any course, workshop, or training session covering the core project management tenets and offers an assessment or certificate of completion would apply toward this prerequisite. Prepare yourself for providing the name of the courses completed, institutions and dates attended, and qualifying hours accrued.


Improve Your Career by Getting PMI-PMP Certification Using Exam DumpsHere are specific qualifications which would be required for the PMP Certification:

1. Essential Skills

Project management skills are an obvious consideration being the must-have. It also includes managing four core things that are considered critical to the success of a project: quality, scope, cost, and time. Business skills would often be another requirement. This includes comprehending project financials, profit and loss, and the ability to create and adhering to a project budget. Furthermore, learning to lead is considered to be a crucial element. Communicating, face-to-face, and writing and resolving conflicts are just some of the incredibly useful leadership skills. Finally, team-building skills are also considered a must-have, since a project manager doesn’t only guide a project and is believed to be responsible for their team. Motivating the team to collaborate and communicate and boost their morale would task a project manager to find them doing.

2. Formal and Informal Training

It isn’t surprising that a business requires choosing the most experienced and educated team members for leading their projects or that a recruiter would seek applicants based on these distinctions. Most project managers will find themselves going down one of the two paths on their journey toward becoming qualified. Whether you would be attending a university or college and gaining a degree or enrolling in a certification course, a structured, as well as the traditional course of study, may be an option for you. On the other hand, some businesses will have internal programs that help you move into project management or provide mentoring and shadowing opportunities.

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