Anyone of us wants to pass the PMP exam on the first attempt. Don’t we all dream? However, if you look at the statistics, 2 out of 5 aspiring people failed in the first attempt. So, does this mean that the exam is difficult to crack? Although most people say “yes” to this question, it is not as easy as imagined. When you look at why many people fail, you will realize that there are some common patterns. For example, most people cited that they did not write enough PMP mock tests or time ran out. Therefore, if you want to pass the PMP test successfully, you must learn from these mistakes instead of repeating them in your exam. Let’s take a look at 4 necessary steps to determine if you can pass the exam.

1. Master the PMBOK guide

Proficiency in the “Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide” (PMBOK® Guide) published by PMI is the most critical step in passing the PMP exam. You might say, “I can’t see many questions in the guide.” It is true, but it provides you with conceptual clarity, without which it is not so easy to clear the exam.

The bad news is that the guide is long and tedious. Therefore, most people prefer other market versions. In short, starting the preparations from the PMBOK guide will lay the foundation for your preparation.

2. Make a suitable study plan 

The study plan provides a road map for your preparation. Before you sit down and learn, you need to define your goals and plan how to achieve them. If you don’t have a clear road map, it’s easy to get lost in the preparations and have no idea where you are going.

The most important thing is time. How many months are you preparing? How many hours can you take the exam every day? Can you study in the morning before going to the office or prefer the evening? Try to answer these questions and find the method that works best for you. Next, research the resources you need to refer to. Divide the curriculum into different tasks and give yourself a timetable to complete the tasks. Also, take the time to take practice tests. However, you still need to persevere. This is difficult for most people. Therefore, if you want to stand out and quickly pass the PMP exam in the first attempt, please make sure you have a study plan and implement it carefully.


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Although you must study the PMBOK guide, it is not enough to clear the PMP exam. The reason is that PMBOK is not for exams. The guide provides the theory or facts behind the process. A quick look at the PMP questions will make you realize that most exam questions are based on scenarios. Therefore, just learning the PMBOK guide can establish the basic knowledge of project management, but it may not help you pass the exam. Besides, many topics that are not covered in the PMBOK guide usually appear in the PMP exam. Therefore, you need to choose other guides that cover these topics. The most popular in the market is

• PMP exam prep 9TH Edition pdf written by Rita Mulcahy

• PMP Exam: How to pass on Your First Try written by Andy Crowe

4. Write practice tests

The extension of the above technique is to write a complete simulation test and solve the practice questions. If you only consider the PMP exam as a knowledge-based exam, you are doomed to fail. Yes, there are indeed a large number of syllabuses, and the problem is also complicated. However, don’t underestimate the stamina required to sit for 4 hours and answer 200 questions of different difficulty levels with the same efficiency.

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Therefore, you need to write mock tests to enter the mental area required for effective execution within these 4 hours. Write a lot of mock tests. The more time you face the simulated environment, the better you can handle it. Besides, practice tests can help you monitor progress and develop test-taking strategies. What types of problems are causing me trouble? Will my efficiency decrease as the test progresses? Can I remember the concepts I learned? Did I ignore any information that caused me to make a stupid mistake? All of these issues are essential. Moreover, the only way you can answer these questions is to write mock tests.

If you find that your simulation course always achieves a score of more than 80%, you can safely pass the actual exam. Use mock tests as a feedback mechanism to adjust your strategy to perform well on exam day. our offers 100% real PMP practice tests now. Try to assess yourself!

In conclusion

The best way to pass the PMP exam for the first time is to think of it as a “project.” The first step is to define your goals clearly. Next, determine the resources you want to use (research materials, institutions, simulation papers, etc.). Break down the curriculum into tasks and assign timetables to complete the tasks. When analyzing performance during simulation, check progress, and change strategy. The most important thing is to have confidence in your abilities. If you make a study plan and use our PMP dumps as study materials, it is not difficult to clear the PMP exam in the first attempt.

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