1. How long is the exam duration?

200-301 140 minutes
200-901 140 minutes
200-201 140 minutes
350-401 140 minutes
300-410 110 minutes< /td>

2. How much is the written test?

200-301 USD 300.00
200-901 USD 300.00
200-201 USD 300.00
350-401 USD 400.00
300-410 USD 300.00

3. How many questions are tested in total?

The official description is 90~110 questions, but when everyone is tested, 100 questions are tested with different code questions. For the specific number, please check the official website or ask the class teacher. In addition to the formal written test, there is a questionnaire that has nothing to do with the score before and after the end. "Yes" The questionnaire after the exam is to ask you about Cisco-related surveys. For example, where did you hear about Cisco, what do you think of Cisco, and what do you think of Cisco? Choose "A: Very agree".

4.How many multiple-choice questions (drag picture questions) are tested, how many points are each question, and how many questions can be wrong at most?

Each question type The number of questions is not fixed, and the proportion of each person's exam is different. The written exam is different from the exam when we were in school, so the score of each question is different; if the question bank is full, the error is generally about 10 questions There is still hope for PASS, but if the wrong is the dragging question, the Failed may be very large, so if the question bank is not full, it is best to do a good question, and the question bank can answer the full mark and pass the time. , You can make a proper mistake of a multiple-choice question to prevent too many high scores from triggering the change in advance.

5. Some people say that the written test results are too good (or full marks) when the examiner will add errors when they take the Lab test, is it true?

Written test results Good or bad has nothing to do with whether the examiner adds the error or not during the Lab, because the examiner does not have your written test score information during the Lab, so there is no need to deliberately make mistakes. The score is useless)

6.Are there any experimental questions?

There are only three question types: single-choice questions, multiple-choice questions, and drag images Questions

7. Will the options change?

The options for single-choice and multiple-choice questions will change randomly. For example, the options for this question in the document are 4, the order is as follows: A.CCENT B.CCNA C.CCNP D.CCIE but the examination room may become A.CCIE B.CCNA C.CCENT D.CCNP so don't remember ABCD, but remember to be correct The key words of the answer and the drag picture question are fixed, just remember the correct answer directly, if it is dragged by category, the answer of the same category can be in different order

8. Exam Is there a calculator during the test?

No calculator during the test

9. Is there any draft paper?

< p>There is no draft paper during the test, but you will be given a writing board and pen that can be erased and written repeatedly, just like draft paper

10. Can I go back and do the previous questions during the test? ?

You can go back to do the previous questions during your own mock exam, but you must pay special attention to it. You cannot go back to do or modify the answers to the previous questions during the formal exam. Therefore, during the exam, you must make sure that the answer you choose is correct before you click on the next question. Another point is that the computers in some exam rooms are old and may be very stuck. There is no response when you click on the next question. Don't do it again at this time. When you click the next question, you may skip several questions in a row without doing it. You must pay attention to this. If you get stuck, raise your hand and call the invigilator in time.

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