The PMP credential isn’t just the one globally recognized Certification, but it would also be one of the most sought-after project management certifications. Many multinational companies and software firms would prefer PMP certified candidates for project management positions.

The eligibility criteria for PMP certification would be including the project management and delivery experience of about five years, additionally to 35 hours of project management education.

This will ensure the PMP certified professionals are adequately equipped with the right set of skills for navigating through the dynamics of the modern workplace, which is project-oriented.

Here are the top 10 tips to gain the PMP exam:

1. Solving a lot of Practice questions

PMP exam questions are mostly based on the scenario. These scenarios could be quite diverse. So, just reading the theory wouldn’t be helpful and guarantee that you could apply this knowledge in the situations. That’s where the practice questions are going to help you out. As you would be solving various items, you would notice that problems could be divided into specific categories. Some questions are direct and short, whereas others are lengthy to a certain extent. There are questions which are based on formula too and others scenario-based. You also have the ITTO questions, which would be asking you about the tools and techniques in project management.

2. Writing Practice Tests

An extension of the above tip would be writing the complete simulated tests apart from solving practice questions. If you are going to treat the PMP exam only as a test, which is knowledge-based, you would be bound to fail. Yes, it does have a tremendously vast syllabus, and the questions are going to be tough. But, never underestimate the stamina required to sit for 4 hours and answer 200 questions of varying difficulty levels with the efficiency of equal relevance.

3. Developing a strategy that works for you

No person is believed to be the same. What works for some might not work for others. For instance, some of us could learn quite well-utilizing flashcards. Others might prefer a visual mode of learning. Others would be able to study best in a group. The best way to pass this exam would be to understand your strengths and weaknesses and study styles. It would be best if you tried different approaches in your mock PMP tests and zero in on one that would be working the best for you.


4. Time Management

Most people who write the PMP exam often are working professionals. So, it is of utmost importance that you manage your time between your professional responsibilities and the study time for the exam. As the exam requires quite a bit of studying, solving practice questions, and writing the mock tests, planning your time is considered paramount. In the months that you would be preparing, do only the highest-priority tasks. A vacation to relax might sound such a good idea. But, if you would be planning it in the middle of your preparation time, you might be able to lose track of your progress.

5. Learning to hold your nerve

You might have done exceptionally well during your mock tests. Remember that your exam day could be very much different because of the anxiety and the nerves you would be carrying to the exam hall. Most of us tend to perform well under pressure, while some of us might not be able to cope up with it. There are many variables that you couldn’t control. Some of the smallest things would be able to rattle us during the exam. For instance, if the washroom is far from the exam hall and you would have taken longer than the time you set aside for the break. You might land in trouble.

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