The PMP®, or Project Management Professional, conducted by the (PMI)®, is a globally recognized certification. PMP exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions covering the five domains, including Initiation, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing. 

However, PMP passing rate is about 50%. It may be difficult for most candidates unless using our PMP sample questions to grasp the real exam structure and topics.

Test 10 PMP Sample Questions with Verified Answers

NO.1 A project manager plans the agenda tor a kick-off meeting. As one of the first agenda items.

Me project manager warns ten sets the strategic direction of the project.

Who should present this topic?

A. Project manager

B. Functional manager

C. Project sponsor

D. Customer

Answer: C

NO.2 You’re a project manager for a large project. Early on, you can identify several risks in the project and want to prepare them, and during the implementation phase, you have identified potential risks. You have placed the response strategy for this risk, you have decided to purchase insurance to deal with this risk; however, the purchase of insurance will cost you $500. This is an example of which risk response strategy?

A. Mitigate

B. Transfer

C. Acceptance

D. Avoid

Answer: B

NO.3 A project manager with a geographically distributed team has created a project management plan based on an approved project charter developed by the project sponsor.

What should the project manager do next?

A. Send the project management plan to all team members and ask for their approval

B. Send the relevant parts of the project management plan to the applicable team members affected

by those parts

C. Seek consent of the project management plan before communicating it to the team

D. Conduct a meeting with the full team to communicate the content of the project management plan

Answer: C


NO.4 A project manager in a large government agency is implementing an upgrade of each computer’s operating system. A division manager complains that they were not informed about the changes and will not allow the change to happen as planned.

What can the project manager do to avoid this situation in the future?

A. Identify multiple options for managers to review

B. Identify key stakeholders and engage them early in the process

C. Review the business documents in advance and make appropriate changes

D. Analyze possible risks and create a viable contingency plan

Answer: B

NO.5 A project manager identifies a task that will require special knowledge, but none of the team members have this knowledge. The project manager believes a similar situation will occur in an upcoming project. What should the project manager do next?

A. Prepare a training session for the team, taking into consideration cost and time.

B. Replace members of the team with more experienced individuals.

C. Submit a change request to modify the project scope.

D. Ask the client to modify the deliverables that require this special knowledge

Answer: A

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NO.6 During the project’s execution, a key stakeholder, asks the project manager why one high-level requirement was unmet. The project manager informs the stakeholder that they were unaware of the requirement.

What artifact should the project manager have referenced to capture this high-level requirement?

A. Project charter

B. Statement of Work (SOW)

C. Resource management plan

D. Scope statement El

Answer: A

NO.7 A project manager and project team have successfully implemented a new product line at their company and are closing it out.

The project manager has obtained acceptance from the internal customer, conducted reviews, and documented lessons learned.

What documentation should be created m order to complete the project?

A. Final product and organizational process assets updates

B. Project management plan updates and the final product

C. Scope baseline and the final product

D. Cost baseline and the final product

Answer: A

NO.8 A team is working on a project to address a customer’s incomplete records. A list of the customer’s files is created, and the team begins work. During the project, a key stakeholder asks that another small group of incomplete records be added.

What should the project manager do?

A. Issue a change request, and evaluate the impact with the project team

B. Refuse the request

C. Make a decision based on the project sponsor’s opinion

D. Add the small group of records to the list.

Answer: A

NO.9 A resource’s functional manager requests confidential information about a delayed project. Because the functional manager does not have the appropriate authorization level, the resource asks the project manager to share the information. What should the project manager do?

A. Train the resource on how to promote the project to the functional manager without divulging any

confidential information

B. Accept the request, and provide a project update to the functional manager that includes the

confidential information.

C. Reject the request but provide a project update to the functional manager that does not include

confidential information

D. Meet with the resource and the functional manager to explain why the information cannot be


Answer: A

NO.10 The client is pushing the development team for an urgent software patch to address a bug. The team completed the patch, but the tester could not sign off on it due to illness. Regardless, the product manager is determined to release the software immediately. What steps should the IT Certification Guaranteed, The Easy Way!

A. Release the bug patch to appease the client and ensure continued business.

B. Place the project on hold and alert the project sponsor to the issues.

C. Allow the product owner to make the release decision, but tell them that the quality risk belongs

to them

D. Defer the release until a suitably qualified tester can be found to execute the testing.

Answer: D

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