If you would have set your sights on earning your PMP certificate for project management, it might seem such an overwhelming undertaking due to the requirements. Someone with this certification is considered to be a skilled project manager that has all the necessary qualifications, which would be including relevant credentials as well as adequate training.

PMP Certification and Training Requirements

The PMP certificate has two requirements:
1. 35 hours of project management education
2. A specified number of experience hours

PMP Certification Training Course could help you meet the requirement for the 35 hours of project management education, with instructor-led training of 36 hours and eLearning content of 29 hours. The course would also be preparing you for the exam with six hands-on projects and seven simulation test papers. You would be walking away with all the preparation and confidence you require to conquer the exam and earn the PMP certification.

Additionally, to completing the required education and clearing the exam, you would also need having two to four years of project management experience. Depending on your formal education level, the PMP would require a set number of hours of experience. With a four-year degree, you would be required to provide 4,500 hours directing and leading projects, and without a four-year degree, you would need 7,500 hours, along with the 35 hours of education.

The required 4,500 hours for someone with a four-year degree would take about two and a half years of full-time work in the field. If you don’t have a degree and need 7,500 hours of experience, this would require about four years of full-time work in the area.

Jobs that provide You Project Management Experience
If you would be looking for a new job opportunity or for changing careers, some positions have project management responsibilities without the project manager title.

Consider roles like:


Personal Assistant

Personal assistants are considered organization experts. You would be honing your organization skills and time management and would likely have multiple small projects requiring correct project management tasks and responsibilities.

Event Organizer

Event organizers do a lot of coordinating and planning, just like a project manager. Each event would be taking on similar traits as a project. Events have a beginning and an end, budgeting, a scope, and requiring coordination to gain them from idea to reality.

Office Administrator or Manager

Both roles would have a varied set of responsibilities, most of which are considered valuable to a project manager. This role would require organization skills and excellent communication, along with the ability to plan and execute larger tasks. And like the other roles mentioned here, you would likely lead small projects requiring project management skills.

Training Coordinator

Training coordinators would be having lots of benefits of being both parts of a larger project and managing your own. Training would often be a component on large projects, allowing the candidates to participate in a project. The task of training plan or developing a course for a department or group could be viewed as a project, requiring a similar skill set as a project manager.

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