Each aspirant would take their own time. Once, you would have gone through the lessons learned of a successful exam taker who took about three years for preparing. He would have dedicated the first year to read the PMBOK Guide, and the second year would be the reference books, and, in the final year, he would have reviewed all these materials again and practiced some questions. He then took the exam and cleared.

Time Required for Preparing for the PMP Exam

To prepare for the PMP exam, you would require to go through the following steps:
1. Collect Information
2. Attend the Training
3. Prepare for the PMP Exam
4. Attempt the Test

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Collect Information

Once you decided to become a PMP, the first to do is to collect all the necessary information. You would be able to find information on the best study resources and types of training programs you could join for your 35 contact hours training program. You shouldn’t just invest more than one week at this stage.

Attend the Training

You couldn’t apply for the PMP exam until you complete your formal education in project management and earn your 35 contact hours certificate. This is also going to take just one week. If you would be planning for participating in a Bootcamp, like that offered at the our, they typically finish the course with only three or four days. However, if you would be subscribed to an online program, I would strongly recommend you complete the training as quickly as possible, even though you might have access for one year.


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This is where you would have to spend most of your time. For your PMP exam preparation, you would have to study at least one PMP reference book; however, I recommend that you utilize two to provide you a different perspective. This would be able to help you in understanding and remembering the concepts in the PMBOK Guide. Afterward, you would require to practice some questions and attempt mock tests. This would be able to help you out in finding your knowledge gaps and prepare you for the exam.

If you feel that you aren’t ready enough, you should revise the concepts and make sure your knowledge gaps are filled. I suggest you are required to take at least three months to prepare for your PMP exam. Not only do you would need to read the material, but you are also required to digest the information thoroughly. Three months, about three hours of studying per day, is considered to be enough for you to prepare for the PMP exam.

I have seen lots of aspirants applying for the exam right after completing the training and attempting the test within one month and fail. Then they complained that time constraints would be keeping them from preparing well. Never do this. You are required to make a plan for your PMP exam preparation and give yourself a reasonable timeframe. Never utilize fast-tracking or crashing here.


If you could spend about three hours a day studying, three months is considered to be enough to pass your PMP exam. I suggest you shouldn’t spend any longer than three months, as you might lose interest and end up giving up. However, in any case, it is not recommended that you plan less than two months for preparing as the exam pressure could be overwhelming you. For better preparation, use the our Exam Practice tests to obtain success in the first attempt.

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