VMware software would be able to drive a lot of companies’ cloud computing as well as virtualization initiatives. If you wish to work with tech stacks as well as a back-end infrastructure, in other words, you would probably be wondering what you are required to know about VMware certifications.

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Job Description

A VMware Certified Professional would be intended to help the customers design, develop, and deploy both traditional computing infrastructures and virtual infrastructures. These technicians are required to understand and resolve the issues related to virtualization. They would be taking care of configuring, installing, and monitoring of VMware vSphere and related technologies.

This technician would also be able to manage and having a proper understanding of the functionality in VMware. They would be considered responsible for the executive setup and would arrange and monitor ESXi networking and storage and other vCenter Server components.

They could also manage user access for the enterprise VMware infrastructure. They would play an active role in migrating, deploying, and managing client virtual desktops, Templates, VM Clones, and vApps. The VMware Certified Professional job would be to monitor resource usage and increase scalability with the vCenter Server’s help. They could also utilize the VMware vCenter Update Manager for applying ESX/ESXi patches and oversee higher availability and data protection.


Technicians will utilize vSphere Solutions and Architecture. The VMware Certified Professional would be organizing the vNetwork Standard as well as Distributed Switches. They would be able to arrange and recognize VLAN settings, vSS, and vDS Policies.
Apart from these duties, this certified professional would be able to plan and deploy Shared Storage and the SVA (Storage Virtual Appliance) for vSphere. They migrate VMs, as well as a backup or restore Virtual Machines utilizing VMware Data Recovery. The technician performs basic troubleshooting for the vSphere Network, Storage as well as ESXi Hosts. They would be monitoring a vSphere administer and implementation vCenter Server Alarms.

It is considered the VMware Certified Professional’s responsibility for taking care of client and user implementation, testing, configuration, and training. They would be able to resolve or troubleshoot any issues related to technical components. These professionals must also take care of user documentation and training exercises for both technical and operational users.

The professional will be updated along with the product line of the VMware. They are going to help the document best practices in deploying and developing VMware solutions. These certified experts are required to resolve and rectify issues that occur during implementation. They would have to build in as well as execute contingency plans as and when it is necessary.

How to Get VMware Certification?

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