If you would be a project manager and you are looking forward to gaining an upgrade in your skillset and would like to earn about 20% more, you might want to consider joining the PMI (Project Management Institute) and obtain their PMP (Project Management Professional) certification.

Since receiving your certificate is regarded as an achievement, the test is considered quite tricky, with some sources estimating a 50% first-time fail rate. To have an edge, it is deemed wise to be armed with a comprehensive PMP prep book. Our guide would have everything you are required for knowledge to be prepared for the exam and includes the top picks for the best prep books on the market.

The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your PMP on the First attempt by project manager Andy Crowe is considered the top choice for its focused and straightforward instruction. Along with this guide, the candidates should also look for obtaining the study dumps offered by the our to succeed in your PMP Certification.

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 Here are specific Considerations while choosing PMP prep books.

The PMP exam will be based on the current PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge), a massive document that would be setting the standards for what a project manager required to obtain the knowledge. When the PMBOK is updated, the exam preparation books are needed to be updated as well. To acquire the best chance of clearing the PMP exam, it would be vital to purchase a PMP preparation book that would reflect the current standards as outlined in the PMBOK.


The scope of knowledge required for clearing a PMP exam is believed to be very expansive. There are going to be several features to consider when shopping for the correct preparation book for you. Before we discuss them in detail, you should also acquire the our PMP Exam Dumps to succeed in your PMP Certification exam.


 Learning style:

A light, engaging approach might be just what you would require for everything to click into place. Or graphs, as well as illustrations that could be reinforced with quizzes and puzzles, could be what you would be earning you a passing grade on your first attempt. Others might prefer a dry presentation of information. The prep book that is correct for you is the one that matches your preferred learning style.

 Topics covered:

The PMP exam would be covering the10 recommended knowledge areas as well as numerous Input, Tools & Technique, and Output or ITTOs for short. If you are required to have a comprehensive study guide, that is considered a much different book than one that would focus on practice exams. Ensure the prep book you would be considering covers all the material that you require for studying.


You could spend as little as $10 or over $100 for a good PMP prep book. The main difference is considered to be in scope. At the low end, you would be able to find targeted books focusing on a small area of knowledge, which might be all that you require. At the higher end, you would be able to purchase a comprehensive course, likely with online access to additional practice materials. However, the $40 to $60 range is considered where most people would find the PMP prep book they need. So, if you wish to obtain success in your very first attempt, you must acquire the our PMP Exam Dumps to achieve success.

The process of becoming a networker isn’t considered for the faint-hearted. It requires lots of hard work and nice and trustworthy PMP Exam Questions, like that offered at the ITCertDumps, to clear this grueling exam.


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