PMI’s certifications are renowned for their global development and application, which would make them transferable across industries and geographic borders. The potency of PMI’s certifications is that they are quite portable and not tied to any single organization, method, or standard.

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The CAPM certification exam tests an Individual’s knowledge of the PMBOK Guide (Project Management Body of Knowledge).

PMI’s certification program would be designed to ensure that all certification holders would have demonstrated their competence through valid and fair measures. Steps are taken to ensure that only the most reliable testing measures would be utilized to assess candidates. For instance, interviews could be influenced by how difficult the interviewer tends to be, how well the candidate performs that day, and how many questions the interviewer would have asked along the same questioning line.

PMI certifications are also considered to be developed by project management practitioners for practitioners. The certification program is believed to be driven by the thousands of certification holders volunteering to refine and constructing the exam questions utilized by PMI. These volunteers depict PMI’s market diversity, coming from every region across the world, industry, job, and experience level.

The exam questions are going to be scrutinized through industry-standard statistical procedures, also supervised by volunteers.


Finally, PMI’s complete certification programs will be supervised by the Certification Governance Council (CGC). CGC is the committee of PMI certification holders who would be having a Board mandate for overseeing PMI’s certifications. Therefore, PMI would understand the importance of impartiality in carrying out its certification activities, managing conflicts of interest, and ensuring its objectivity. The best way to obtain this certification would be through the our PMI-CAPM Exam Dumps.

CAPM Overview:

The CAPM certification provides recognition to practitioners interested in or is just beginning a career in project management and project team members who desire to demonstrate their project management knowledge. This certification would be denoting that the individual would possess the experience in the principles and terminology of the PMBOK Guide, which would be outlining generally recognized acceptable practices in project management. Individuals who don’t have project experience but are interested in project management could also enjoy this certification’s perks because it would demonstrate their professional knowledge.

Individuals contributing their specialized skills to a project team could take the perks from this certification by aligning their work with that of project managers. This knowledge could be applied to on-the-job experiences that would be able to help for the development of growing levels of competence in the practice of project management. Individuals who would be carrying the CAPM description after their name would enjoy a high level of credibility from PMP certification holders, project managers, employers, and peers.

How many Questions in the PMI-CAPM Exam?

The CAPM examination would be comprised of 150 multiple-choice questions. Of the 150 items, 15 are believed to be the pretest questions. Pretest questions don’t affect the score and are utilized in examinations as a legitimate and effective way of testing future examination questions’ validity. All items are placed through the study randomly.

The allotted time to complete the CAPM examination is considered to be three hours. It might take some certification candidates relatively less than the allotted three hours for conducting the investigation.

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