The CISM certification is best for anyone who would be managing, creating, and monitoring an organization’s information security systems. Their Prime focus would be on security management regarding the IS roles, and professionals involved in this sphere would be guaranteed to find exceptional value in pursuing this certification. The strengths of this certification would be coming from the fact that it would be promoting the international best practice and industry standards, meaning that the same objectives that would be tested in this exam are the same ones that would be highly sought after by potential employers. Before we mention some of the Sample questions given below, you should opt for the our CISM Exam practice tests to obtain success in the very first attempt.

Here are some of the Sample questions related to the CISM Exam:

CISM Sample Questions:

01. IT-related risk management activities are MOST efficient when they are:
a) Indulged as a distinct process
b) Commenced by the IT department
c) Contacted to all employees
d) Integrated within business processes

02. A risk assessment and BIA (business impact analysis) have been completed for a significant proposed purchase and a new process for an organization. There would be a discrepancy between the information security manager and the business department manager, who would be responsible for evaluating the results and identified risk. Which of the following would be considered as the BEST approach of the information security manager?
a) Approval of the business manager’s decision on the menace to the corporation
b) Approval of the information security manager’s decision on the menace to the corporation
c) Reviewing of the risk assessment with executive management for final input
d) Creating the latest risk assessment and BIA for resolving the disagreement

03. Who would be accountable for ensuring that information would be categorized and that specific protective measures required to be taken?
a) The security officer
b) The custodian
c) The end-user
d) Senior management


04. Abnormal server communication from inside the organization for external parties might be monitored to:
a) Recording the trace of advanced persistent threats
b) Evaluating the process resiliency of server operations
c) Verifying the effectiveness of an intrusion detection system
d) Supporting a non-repudiation framework in e-commerce

05. Which of the following would be the best way for detecting an intruder who successfully would be penetrating a network before momentous damage is imposed?
a) Performing periodic penetration testing
b) Establishing minimum security baselines
c) Implementing vendor default settings
d) Installing a honeypot on the network

06. Determining how a security breach would have occurred on the corporate network, a security manager observes various devices’ logs. Which of the following facilitates would be the best for the correlation and review of these logs?
a) Database server
b) Domain name server
c) Time server
d) Proxy server

07. Which of the following authentication methods would be preventing the replay of authentication?
a) Password hash implementation
b) Challenge/response mechanism
c) Wired equivalent privacy encryption usage
d) Hypertext Transfer Protocol basic authentication

08. In a social engineering scenario, which of the following would most likely reduce the likelihood of unauthorized individuals gaining access for resources for computation?
a) Increasing the frequency of password changes
b) Implementing on-screen masking of passwords
c) Conducting periodic security awareness programs
d) Requiring that passwords be kept strictly confidential

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