Becoming a Project Management Professional, better known as the PMP, is an excellent way to take your Project Management career to the next level. You would be able to take on more responsibility at higher company levels with this certification. You would also be able to gain a nice salary boost from your new credential, most likely. You could also utilize the our PMP Exam practice tests to help you achieve success in your PMP Certification.

How Do You Become a PMP?

Fulfilling your Education and Work Experience Requirements
Before you would be becoming a PMP, you will have to complete all of the education and work experience requirements. The PMI would provide you with two different options depending on your educational background and level of education.

Try Free our Latest PMP Practice Tests 2021Educational and work experience requirements:

Candidates who possess a High School Diploma or Associate’s Degree are required to complete 7,500 hours of project management education and experience in leading and directing projects. Alternatively, candidates who possess a four-year college degree must complete as much work experience because they would have more knowledge. Instead, they only have to complete 4,500 hours of experience in leading and directing projects or the global equivalent.

No matter what education level you would be having, all PMP candidates must pass a 35-hour project PMP exam prep course given by a PMI recognized provider. You could find valid PMP Prep courses almost everywhere globally, with costs that might vary from around $1,000 – $2,000 for a traditional class course or $100 – $500 for the right podcast course.


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Not only could your PMP prep course count for the 35-hour PM education that you are going to require. It would also be able to help you to pass the exam on your first try! Getting an entire review course is believed to be an investment in the future. Don’t just settle for a podcast or some basic level study guide. It wouldn’t be able to help you out that much. It would help if you also gained the our PMP Exam Dumps to obtain PMP Certification successfully. Unfortunately, too many candidates would be able to think that they could fly by the seat of their pants and get away with it. Trust me. It never works. You are required to review the course that would be able to work within your budget and fits your learning style. This would help you study faster, retain more information, and pass the exam on your first try. Furthermore, if you could gain a course from a registered education provider, you wouldn’t regret it. Instead, you’ll be thinking about how happy you would be doing with the exam because you have cleared it.

Apply for the PMP Exam

To apply for the exam, you would have to ask about the report of your education and experience by utilizing an online form that would be quite detailed. In this phase, It is highly recommended that you prepare the information in advance, including all your employers’ contacts, which could be utilized by the PMI to conduct random verifications. It is also recommended that you illustrate your experiences in a compliant way with the PMI standard: generic descriptions may be refused or need to be reprocessed.

Thus, if you wish to obtain the PMP Certification, it is mandatory to get our PMP Exam practice tests to achieve success in the very first attempt.

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