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NO.1 The construction process for a building project is complete, and the project manager wants to close the project. Some team members are already assigned to a new project. The remaining team members are unsure about what to capture in the close-out report.

What should the project manager do?

A. Forego the lessons learned meeting and complete the task independently.

B. Complete the report using the lessons learned from a similar previous project.

C. Hand over the project close-out phase to the project manager working on the new project.

D. Conduct the project close-out work with the remaining team members and solicit input from the reassigned members.

Answer: D

NO.2 A project team member decides that engaging the customer on some alternative designs is unnecessary if all functionalities are delivered. The entire team decides to only engage the technical department on the best product design. After user acceptance testing, the customer complains about the selected design.

To ensure that the customer accepts the project deliverables, what should the project manager do?

A. Ensure that both the customer and technical team collaboratively select the new product design.

B. Update the issue log with the design issue and continue with project execution.

C. Ask the customer to accept the project deliverables, as they meet all agreed-upon functional requirements.

D. Communicate to the customer that the technical team determines the product design.

Answer: A

NO.3 A project’s budgeted value of work completed in less than the authorized budget for planned work. What project scenario does this describe?

A. The project is ahead of schedule.

B. The project’s earned value (EV) is greater than the planned value (PV).

C. Project activity is behind schedule.

D. The project is on schedule.

Answer: C


NO.4 A company is developing a new drug Regulatory feedback indicates that a budget increase of 20 percent for additional work is required before the project can move to the next phase.

What should the project manager do?

A. Initiate a change request.

B. Communicate the situation to the sponsor

C. Update the risk management plan.

D. Check the current outsourcing contracts

Answer: A

NO.5 Some project team members claim that they failed to receive complete project information. What should the project manager do to ensure proper information flow?

A. Initiate a weekly email newsletter.

B. Follow the communications management plan.

C. Schedule a team meeting.

D. Store information in a central database.

Answer: B

 NO.6 Two members of a project team are arguing about the specific work packages they must complete. What should the project manager use to resolve this conflict?

A. Work breakdown structure (WBS)

B. Responsibility assignment matrix (RAM)

C. Resource breakdown structure (RBS)

D. Organizational breakdown structure (OBS)

Answer: B

NO.7 A customer is surprised about a change made to a deliverable. The project manager explains that this change was communicated via email and that there is a possibility that the email has not yet been read.

What should the project manager have done differently?

A. Ensured that the communication cycle was completed and asked the customer to confirm receipt of the information.

B. Sent a follow-up email to determine if the customer read the first email and obtained a read confirmation.

C. Developed the communications management plan.

D. Called, rather than emailed, the customer with all details and asked them to send a confirmation.

Answer: C

NO.8 A performance report indicates a variation in a product’s specifications. The project manager calls an emergency meeting during which all team members offer suggestions for the variance’s possible cause.

What tool or technique is the team using?

A. Cause-and-effect diagram

B. Matrix diagram

C. Scatter diagram

D. Root cause analysis (RCA)

Answer: D

NO.9 A project manager identifies a task that will require special knowledge, but none of the team members have this knowledge. The project manager believes a similar situation will occur in an upcoming project.

What should the project manager do next?

A. Prepare a training session for the team, taking into consideration cost and time.

B. Submit a change request to modify the project scope.

C. Ask the client to modify the deliverables that require this special knowledge

D. Replace members of the team with more experienced individuals.

Answer: A

NO.10 A project manager in a weak-matrix environment must coordinate across the organization. During the execution phase, the project manager needs critical information to address important issues to remove obstacles.

What skills should the project manager use?

A. Leadership

B. Conflict management

C. Decision-making

D. Influencing

Answer: D

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