Before going into the PMP Exam pass rate details, let's briefly characterize what PMP is. PMP is considered to be one of the most essential and valuable certifications for the project management profession.

It is believed to be an industry-recognized certification for people working in the project management field. PMP certification might give you a superior salary than those without the PMP certification.

Thanks to the PMP certification, you could understand and communicate project management's universal language with the other professionals. It would allow you to connect with the community of organizations, professionals, and experts worldwide.

PMI would be seeking some PMP eligibility requirements from PMP candidates. PMP candidates wouldn't be satisfying PMI's PMP certification requirements. Once you would be satisfied with the PMP exam requirements, you could apply for the PMP exam. Compared to other certifications, PMP is considered more formidable to obtain and pass the exam, and you have to be more prepared. We would be describing all the aspects of the PMP Exam Pass Rate here.

What is the PMP passing score?

Here is what the PMI would be saying about the passing score of PMP. The PMP passing score for all PMI credential examinations would be determined by sound psychometric analysis.

PMI utilizes subject matter experts -project professionals from across the globe and many diverse disciplines to decide how many questions you are required to answer correctly for passing the exam.

Each scored question in the exam would be worth one point, and your final score could be calculated by totaling the points you would have earned on the exam. The number of questions you answer correctly would place you within one of the performance rating categories you would see in the report.

In short, there would be no exact official answer regarding PMP passing score from PMI. It isn't possible to state a fixed PMP passing score to help you pass the PMP exam.


The difficulty level of the questions you get would make a change. Two candidates wouldn't be able to gain the same set of problems. Hence, it would make sense that the PMP passing score would also be varying.

An exam with easy questions would have a higher PMP passing score than an exam with relatively more diverse questions. Furthermore, each question doesn't carry equal weight. Hence, it would be becoming even more challenging to estimate how much you must score for reaching the PMP passing score.

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